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    Here is one herb to surely induce sleep

    I recently had a cataract operation in my left eye. For a full 20 days, I was not able to do much. After 15 days, I was allowed to use the computer for 60 minutes by the doctor. All my ISC inputs were done within 60 minutes. Now, I have been given another one hour.

    There was an added problem. Since I could not sleep for the first one week, as I could not turn to the left side at all (blocked with two big pillows), I had tense moments. It was then that my friend suggested use of nutmeg, called jadikkai in Tamil. I do not know what is the Hindi name.

    I took a little mixed it with honey and took it at dinner time four days ago. I was pleasantly surprised. It worked. I slept so well and woke up as fresh as possible. Of course, I was happy that I could write the articles ( a very few really) and still managed some Forum inputs, dictated by me and typed by others, including my daughter. And yes, the revenue has also come.

    Now, those who do not get sleep, take only a pinch and mix it with honey. I think it may be available through Amazon as well. We did it in thousands of traditional Siddha shops in Tamil Nadu.
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    Good that you have given some solution to get into sound sleep, but I did not understand "We did it in thousands of traditional Siddha shops in Tamilnadu". What does it mean?
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    Thanks for this remedy for sound sleep. I don't know that Nutmeg (Jaa-e-phal) is good for sleep .
    Good to know that now you are fine.

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    Some of the natural items are really very useful and are time tested by our ancients. This nutmeg thing also appears to be a very useful one. It is known as Jaiphal in hindi. Like this there are so many interesting things in our Ayurvedic formulations and some are being used by the people not only in India but all over the globe. Today black pepper export has risen significantly as it is having immune boosting powers. The whole world is looking up to India for these natural formulations. When I was studying in my class XII then I got a hair loss at the back of my head about a size of a coin. The doctor gave me many modern medicines and ointments but nothing happened. Then one local kirana shop fellow told me to put the paste of croton seeds (Jamal Ghota) on it and within 2-3 days of applying it the patch disappeared and hair came out from that bald patch. Amazing but true. Normally Jamal Ghota seed is well known for its laxative properties. One should use it cautiously and with care as some safety concerns are there for its use.
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    The author has shared good information nutmeg is an important and healthy medicine that has been used in Ayurveda for a long time. Nutmeg is given to pregnant women even after childbirth, which gives them strength. Apart from this, nutmeg is also given to some children in the form of ghooti, it is rubbed on the stone sheet and mixed in water and given to children in small quantities, this medicine is also creating warmth in the body and also helps in the physical development of the child. Today I got to know one more benefit of the nutmeg from this thread.

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    Nutmeg is well known for its effect of inducing sleep. In my family, it is used for newly born kids as one of the ingredients mixed in their ghutti ( a liquid syrup prepared at home). For this purpose, the nutmeg needs to be kept soaked in ghee. My mother says that it is very important to keep it soaked in ghee to subsidized the warm effect of nutmeg. For ghutti, soaked almonds, nutmeg, and saffron is rubbed on a clean stone with the help of milk. This ghutti helps the newly born kids to have proper sleep.
    But I have never heard about its effectiveness on adults also. I have seen people having roasted Khas-Khas (poppy seeds) with milk to have sound sleep.


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    SuN Sir, please read it as get it. It was a typographical error.

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    Padmini Madam, I have just seen one YouTube video in Tamil saying that it is good for sleep for adults as well. Of course, I did not know this before. And I do not watch YouTube so often. Perhaps it may be available in other languages too.

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    Yes the nutmeg (jadhikkai) has its own power and it was uses in many items as medicines. Besides this if we add a little bit by powdering nicely when we prepare payasam or sweet pongal, the taste will be untold. But overall the using quantity of usage of jadhikkai should be very less.

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    Nutmeg is a very useful medicine for inducing sleep and normally the mothers living in rural areas are aware of its intrinsic benifits. A little quantity in the powdered form mixing the same in honey is administered to the infants if they have the symptoms of insomnia making them crying in night for hours. This herb is very effective in such situations.
    This can be extended even for the other age groups taking a little precautions to be consumed along with milk so as to neutralise its heating effect. It does not have any side effects if the dose is restricted to minimum. A higher dose can cause stomach upset leading to frequent bowels.

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    Many of these herbs have peculiar properties of curing and if people know about that then it is better to use them in our day to day life. These information are now available in internet at various places in form of texts or videos.
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    Jadikkai is the wonder herbal and we call it Pillai vallappan meaning this herb must be there in every home that is used for given to the small child for many aliments. Good that the same cane generate the good sleep. Indian herbs are time tested and it is used for one purpose or the other and except the elders the new generation are not believing the wonder of our desi herbs and there need to be larger awareness and those who benefited alone can mention in the social media so that others beleive.
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