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    Is it right to criticize the one who apologizes for his mistake?

    Hi, if someone apologize for his mistake do we need to criticise that person? Sometimes there are people who often hurts you and then ask for apology. We apologise them frequently and it becomes there habit to hurt you. In this situation I think we should criticise that person. We must show them that you are not supposed to be forgive everytime. May be by doing critisism of their bad habit of hurting someone somehow change there mind. What is your opinion on this?
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    If someone does any mistake and then he apologises I think he must be a great man. If someone hurts you and every time he apologises , see how he apologised to you.Does he play with you or joke with you?
    You may stop talking to him if he is really serious in his apology he will ask you again to forgive him .

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    When a person apologizes, he/she might not want to spoil his/her relationship with you, so they apologize for every mistake they made knowingly or unknowingly, but if a person makes a mistake every time and then learns nothing from his mistakes, then to some extent it is appropriate to give them some chances but not again and again. If the same mistake is repeated by the frontman after apologizes, then explain to him that his mistake is making others sad, but even if the person in front is constantly making you upset. So instead of criticizing him in this situation, stop accepting for apologizing and make a distance from him for some time, if you take action in time, then he may really feel his mistake. Meanwhile, focus on your actions, do not waste your time criticizing anyone, just let them learn themselves.

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    On the instant we have to forgive him or her once they apologized
    And we have to forget the whole immediately on that moment and never to discuss with others.
    At the same time there are people doing the same even after apologized. In such cases we should be very careful.

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    Intentionally doing mistakes and asking for an excuse is not correct. We can slap that person and then ask for an apology. We will be applying his theory only. Some people sincerely do some works but due to some unavoidable reasons, some mistake may happen. If such people ask for an excuse we should excuse and we should not hurt him again and again. We should consider them and leave them. That will be the gentleman behaviour.
    If a person is doing the same mistake again and again we should tell him and warn him not to repeat. Still, he continues the same mistake we should change his job and put him in another job and give him a chance again.

    always confident

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