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    How you are handling salesman visiting your house

    Recently we are seeing many salesman and sales girls are visiting house by house selling new as well existing products. Almost daily we are facing people coming to our doorsteps. Many house persons treating them as unwanted persons and some really drive them out. But according to me we have to handle them politely and we can offer our help as some of their products really buyable. Even today a man came to my house offering Jio network, I calmly replied him as I use the same as network. It is right to say that they are boring us by talking and talking but we see should the situation from their end.
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    I don't think that they should be treated harshly. They are coming to us at our doorstep because they have no job. It could be our son or daughter going somewhere as a salesman/salesgirl, if treated harshly or driven away by local people, will hurt us. Likewise we should think about them too.
    We never speak them harshly. If we have to purchase from them any item which they are carrying we ask them to show, else we negate for any requirement of their items.

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    True. These are unfortunate souls who have taken up this job only to make a living; most of them are not graduates who take up this job, only because they have nothing else to do. They may not have money to start a business. Hence, while it is essential to ensure that they are treated properly and at least listened to, there is no harm in buying very small packs of a local product, as the poor sales people can earn a little.

    We are happy listening to all the tall talk in a big Television showroom or happily listen to anyone who is fashionably dressed and talks English in such environs, as it is seen as a prestige. However, we do not feel the same when we see the hapless sales people. We need to change our attitudes to enable these people to also stay alive and earn some money to live at least a decent lower middle-class life.

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    When some salespersons are approaching our houses, if we really require that product we can talk to them and purchase the product if we like it. If we never need it, there is no point in talking to them. We can politely say that we don't need. Many people come selling something or other. We need not shout on them. We can treat them properly. Some people shout at them. That is not correct.
    We will be receiving many business calls on the phone also. Many times we will get disturbed by these calls. I will not entertain those calls. I will gently say no and cut off the phone.

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    Dealing with salesmen requires patience and one has to spare time also. It depends on the individual person as how is he going to behave and entertain them. Sometimes talking with them helps to learn about the new things and newer gadgets but most of the times they will be bringing common things with slight modifications here and there. If we have time then there is no problem in entreating them for 10-15 minutes otherwise we can politely tell them to come some other time. By giving them few minutes we are helping them for expanding their business only.
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    By seeing such salesmen or salesgirls, we often get disgusted but they are the true pictures of chronic unemployment of our country. They are approaching us with the hope that such a meeting would bring them some cheers with the finalisation of the successful deal of the products which they can offer. May be they don't have any job other than this. They are the reflections of our unemployment status of our country. They would approach some other doors in case of failure in the bargaining. They are not sure that even in the next approach, they will be successful in their attempts. At least some of the offerings under their possessions could be better and there is no harm to help them a little for their survival during this period of our sluggish economy.

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    If we pre-ordered something and the salesman knocks the door, we have to welcome him and no other go. But some salesman are coming without calling nor taking prior appointment and they come at such hours when the house holds are busy and they keep on making telephone calls to accept the order. And we know on repeated persistence the house hold would accept the product much to the annoy of her husband . Few days back a group of young salesman were roaming on the roads with set of books supposed to be handi work for the school children and they are priced more. In that case they have to convince both husband and wife to purchase the book for the child future studies and understanding but the salesman tried to impress the wife and she in turn convinced the husband who got annoyed and thrown out the books.
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