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    What must be the remedy for these mentality

    Many people act in such a way that they are not doing a thing or letting others to do. Similarly people do not use or eat a thing and not giving to others. It has been told in Tamil as,'naai petra thengam pazham' which means if a dog got a full coconut it won't allow others to even touch by barking but it itself do not eat. Like this many people do not allow others to do a work and not doing that work by themselves.
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    There are people of all types in this society. Some people work honestly and make others also to work. Some people take up additional responsibility also and do the works of other people also. But some people neither they work nor allow others to work. Such people are very dangerous to society. We should not allow such people to come near to us. We will also get spoiled because of them. Management should have a check on such people in the organisation and see that they will not spoil the entire system. If necessary the top people should remove such people from their duties so that the other people will get some lesson and at least they will be careful.
    The farmers remove waste plants in the field so that they will not spoil the main crop. The same way we should make such people ineffective by removing all the powers they have and if the situation demands they should be sent home from the organisation so that there will be any problem with the other employees.

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    Hi, yes there are such people on our society Those who do not work themselves and do not let others do theirs. First thing is to ensure not to trap in such circle. Always aware that what kind of society you have to choose? Sometimes you are already in such society and want to get rid of this mentality. For this one must try to separate slowly slowly from such situation. If such circumstances need remedy then one has to pay for that. One has to throw marrow bone to divert them otherwise separation from such society is good for long run.

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    Some people are like that and they have very bad reputation in the workplace as well as society. They are actually the people because of whom an organisation or company suffered. They are known as most useless or 'rogue' persons literally. It becomes very difficult for the superior to take work from them. Many times they are shifted from one place to other but do not improve.
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    People are with distinct characters -some are arrogant and some are wise. So they act according to their nature. Arrogants may disrupt the work of others and discourage others who are doing good work. Such people are a hindrance to the prosperity of a society. We would always discourage such behaviour are creating problems in society.

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    Unfortunately we have to deal with such persons who do not work and also does not allow others to work. Some of our relatives and friends does not have contact with us and when they have some work they try to behave as if they are so close to us and we are concerned. If some one disturbs you during the work, that meas his intentions are clear that he does not want you to develop nor got highlighted in the office. And it may due the fact that he has committed a mistake for which he tries to balance with us. But we are already ready to pardon others but what about our excuse and escape.?
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    All type of people exist around us. These people whom the author has point out are waste of society or are useles fellow in any business establishment. I think we should stay away from them, neither they are good friends nor are healthy rival. They may be harmful for every sincere person.
    Some other people of this sort are found around us who don't use any in-hand opportunity of success or building career measures, nor they permit others to utilise this opportunity. It may be possible that they are jealous of others or they are narrow-minded people.

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