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    Some people dig their pit by their own.

    A neighborhood parent who have a child studying sixth standard. As there is no school at present, the brother of father ready to offer teaching the girl. But due to some grudge the parents refused to allow the child to study under him. It pained him more in the mind of that elder person as it affect his character. Further the parents fixed a tuition for her. But after a weeks time, the child refused to for tuition. Father has no Patience for teaching and mother has tolerance. Ultimately the child roaming in the street by playing with other children or by meddling with mobile phone of the parents.
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    You being a neighbour can't be sure why their id grudge between these brothers and a brother doesn't trust his brother should be a matter of concern for a noble neighbour. I see some serious issues between them. If you are worried about the girl you may advise her parents or you may offer to teach her if her parents trust you.
    Family disputes raise the wall of misconception and mistrust, sometimes, they expand too much which result in open enmity too. I think in this situation the third person like you should stay away from their bilateral disputes. It makes a bad name for the third person from either side. Because if you have some soft corner for one person another person will have ill feelings for you as well.
    However, if we are really sincere and worried about any mistrust between two neighbours we can come forward to have patch-up between them to eliminate prevalent mistrust between them which in my views is a great service of humanity.

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    Why the parents are not ready to send their girl for tuition to their relative is not known. There may be some reasons for this. The facts may not be known to outsiders. But the main issue is the education of the girl. Why did that girl refuse to go to another tuition? One should know the issues completely before deciding who is at fault.
    As parents, they can decide about their children's future. Leaving her without any education is not correct and they should see that she will attend tuition regularly and study well.

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    Yes it is true that sometimes people do not harm themselves but also spoil the future of other members of family only to fulfill the personal grudge. In long run they are just destroying their own life.

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    This is an example from the real life situation where the person is not accepting the conspicuous benefit from the neighbour who is selflessly ready to teach the girl. Whatever be the grudge or differences in the family, it should be resolved and it is not understood as why the children should suffer because of that. Sometimes we ourselves do our harms knowingly that we are doing a wrong thing. That is why it is said that we have to live in this world not by our stubbornness but by our prudence and common sense which says that conflict will not solve anything in our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The example quoted by the author seems to be an unusual example but one thing is sure that the two brothers are not in the healthy relationship. However, the real sufferer is the child studying in class six. She is adolescent having no idea how the event can be turned into a favourable situation. May be she would be able to acess the situation in the near future after attaining maturity.
    This can be settled amicably with your intervention since you are familiar with the family developments and you will have to apply your institution how best the animosity between the two brothers could be resolved so as to end the present impasse. With your efforts, the career of the child could be saved.

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