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    Does faking it till you make it really works? Is this an effective way to get things done?

    Hi, A very famous phrases ' Fake it till you make it' works in real life situations. It depicts that whatever you wants to do start with pretending that you are doing it. Pretend or fake the process until you finally start the desired work. What are other aspects of this phrases? Have you ever tried this in your life. It is like I want to write something but not able to pay more attention over it. So to achieve this I need to pretend that I have started writing untill I actually write something. Is it easy to use this technique? Share your views on this topic.
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    Faking is the bad trait and one should not make it a habit because one day or the other the reality would be known and the person would be caught red handed. In Telugu there is a golden proverb that "Dorikithe dongalu doraggapothe doralu ' that means as long as one fakes to manage the things its good, but what happens when he is caught would pave way for all the misdeeds of past. So be straight forward, agree to the mistake and even seek pardon and your attitude would be agreed and abided by others and even give you the grace time to settle the issues for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One may be extra intelligent and clever to fake and pose busy in something without actually doing it but the fact of the life is that there are more intelligent people around who can make out hat the individual is simply faking and buying some time only. So, people generally tell this on someones face but the interesting thing is when others have found one faking then what is the fun in doing that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is the inherent tendency of many people to lie or fake and they do not disclose many things till the job is completed or the task in hand is over. Though this is not in a good taste but some people who are habitual of it do it repeatedly and even if someone catches them red handed, do not show any change in their behaviour. Faking is like deceiving or cheating and originates from lack of transparency in our behaviour. Such people are too much conscious of the remarks of others on their performance or personal matter and usually take shelter under the mechanism of faking or lying.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Though faking is not a good habit but once you start faking, it cannot be relinquished. They would try to show their involvements in some important assignments entrusted to them from the side of the management. It has been assigned to them only because of their extra ordinary performance shown in some areas. Unfortunately such type of faking is not sustainable for long and when the real picture is known to the public, it can spoil their image. May be the initial phase may appear convincing to most of the people but the end result of such faking would spoil their public image.

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    It is applied to different situations , Like:

    You wanted to play a role model for others but you are not able to become like a role model , so It is better to show yourself as you want to become
    Come out from the fake world and face the reality of life and hope you will succeed.
    As a struggler keep on trying untill you achieve it.
    You have to keep your hopes alive to achieve your set target. You have to hide your shortcomings from people also.

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