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    What is the better way of tackling multiple jobs - sequentially or in multitasking mode?

    Some people are capable of doing many tasks at the same time in a dextrous and efficient way. It is not easy to do that as one has to switch from one subject to other and come back to the previous one after some time. It is thrilling to do so but it is a risky proposition as chances of incurring mistakes are more in such a scheme. That is why many people do jobs sequentially and take up the next only when the first one is concluded. What is your take on that - to do things in a multitasking mode or attempt them one by one in the sequential mode? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two ways of taking up jobs? Please share your views.
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    A person must do work at a time instead of taking more than one task in his hand. It may risk and affect the required results. Jack of all but master of none has no importance before Jack of none but master of one. It is not possible that multitask can be performed as per the criterion and required hallmark. The project or assigned task needs complete focus and any distraction will leave negative impact on the required outcome.
    However, some people may have this quality to do more than one task simultaneously but these are seen quite a few.
    But as a supervisor or manager, this job is easy. They can do different projects by dividing the responsibilities among different teams. In this situation, he will have to supervise the performance of each team and guide them when and where they require about

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    There is no hard and fast rules on how to do things either in sequence or with multi tasking way. It all depends on how the person was trained and how he handles. Once there was a railway accident in SCR region and there were lots of inquiries about the welfare of the people and I have seen personally how the SCR staff posted at the Secunderabad station was handling passengers request at the counter and also attending landline phones. That means those who are with the public relations need to be more careful in attending the calls as that would be more emotional and right information has to be given and there cannot be avoiding the calls. The curiosity of the passengers and their relatives keeping on asking questions and how the counter clerk responded without annoy was the scene to be really appreciated.
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    It depends on the type of task one is doing. While doing a particular task, if one has to wait idly for a certain time then they can take up another task in between. For example, you have to do a couple of tasks and one such task is downloading large video files and processing them and the others are related to writing documentation for a product. In this case, while the videos are being downloaded you can easily carry on with the documentation and when the download is complete you can go back to the task of processing those videos. It may not be possible for us to do a lot of things at the same time but in many cases, our mind thinks of many issues at a time while we work on some other jobs.

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    We have to plan sequential works and we have to do multitasking also. Waiting for a work to be completed to start another work may not be possible these days. We should think of doing more works in as less time as possible. Every work required some dedicated time. So we have to see what are the works on hand to be completed and plan them in such a way that all the works will be completed in a minimum time. That planning is required.
    We start work, in between when we have to wait for some time, you can start another work. Like that we should see that 4 or jobs are on and at different stages of progress. In a laboratory, we plan that way. To be in the race we have to do multi-tasking. Our aim should be to complete as many words as possible in the minimum period of time.
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