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    Have you ever been to any kind of exhibition? How was your experience there?

    Hi, There is a lot to be learned by attending exhibitions. There we get to know more by seeing new types of things. There may be many types of exhibition held by people time to time. I have attended many of them. It is really fascinating to saw the different kind of arts made by people. Women's handicrafts are really impressive. I have purchased few of them and they are really very useful.

    Have you ever been to any kind of exhibition? How was your experience there?
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    Normally in a big exhibition we find various manufacturers and sellers gather at one place and try to sell their products and some products of daily use are unique. What I feel that such products should be sold which is not available in regular markets. But what I felt that the same products are sold and even the eateries inside is heavily priced and he entrance ticket rates are also huge. That means we are making a loss by visiting to promote a escalated rate exhibition to which I am not a supporter. Moreover now the crowding is not allowed and therefore exhibitions are not happening regularly. There is no hard and fast rule about the pricing as each stall owner wants to squeeze maximum from the customer and that's not good practice. Only thing that we have lots of fun games that would be added attractions.
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    I have seen some good exhibitions of art- craft, bikes, car, books fair etc in Pragati maiden (New Delhi). In one of the exhibition. People were standing at a pretentious stall. The reason was simple. It was a bike, which cost Rs 9 crore and Sachin Tendulkar was standing by it like a statue. Everybody can do everything for the sake of money. I could not see him because of the crowd as I had to go back.

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    I had been to different exhibitions many times. In Hyderabad from 1st January, every year there will be an exhibition in the exhibition grounds. I used to visit the same every year with my family. I visited this exhibition for about 15 years. This year there is no exhibition there due to COVID19.
    This exhibition is very big and takes a minimum of 4 hours just to go around the entire exhibition. I used to purchase bedsheets and other items in the exhibition. During such visits one year, my elder son purchased a pizza and ate. He suffered seriously with digestion problem for long. Then onward we stopped eating fast foods on the exhibition grounds.
    In the exhibition, there used to be new items and fun games also. We used to play some games also. Many items purchased in this exhibition we have kept in our showroom in the house.

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    About 2 years back I went to see a consumer products exhibition where so many products were shown and some new products were also there. They were giving some special discount also to promote and popularise their products. The exhibition was spread over a large area and it took almost a half day to cover it fully. In between the stalls some common items of plastic and kitchen utilities were also being offered where there was good crowd. Then there was a cafeteria which was serving all sort of snacks and tea, coffee etc and there was good crowed there also. Overall it was a good experience.
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    I have visited many household items exhibition which are actually very interesting and useful for making a decision for buying a particular item or product or gadget for our use. One can see the details of these items and discuss with the exhibitors. It is a good opportunity for the housewives.
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