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    Your dynamic personality matters not your qualifications

    I have came across many persons who are working with companies in strategic posts to which they are not eligible to sit at all but they have the sway of the boss who could understand their need not by the virtue of their qualifications and experience but through their dynamic personalty. What the company wants that some one who should look authoritarian in the eyes of other employees and the works can be learned through the sustained training and there ends the matter. What is your say on this subject. Does your office also have such employees?
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    In the business environment, an employee should possess the requisite basic qualifications, good communication skills, aggressive marketing and salesmanship, dynamism, and other such positive traits. But this is a theoretical proposition as no employee would have all these ingredients in him to become a perfect worker or executive. Management on the other hand will always like such people and will be always looking for them and trying to even woo them to their workplace from other organisations. There is a continuous demand of such hands in the industry. It is also true that even if a person is not academically highly qualified but is good in customer relationship and other business development aspects then also he will be in very good books of the organisation as he is contributing in the main objective of the business and not merely fulfilling some academic tasks.
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    But that person pose a threat to already well qualified staff in existence.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It reminds me of the words of my late uncle. I had some problems with a senior employee, who was close to management I discussed this issue with my uncle and he advised me not heed to these things, I had to mind my business instead, if the management appoints even any donkey for a particular post, 'he is your senior'.and I should respect the chair without considering who was sitting on the chair.
    I think only eligible candidates are chosen on a particular post or if any person has been given any special powers or he is given any special favour without being eligible, he must be relative to management or should have any accessibility to management himself or through someone close to management. I don't think other staff should focus on these issues because, in the long run, you are going to have enmity with that particular senior employee.

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    That depends on the nature of the job. A job which requires technical skills and specialised skills will definitely go for qualified and skilled people only. But some administrative posts and cash dealing posts may not require a specific qualification. But the people should be loyal to the management and they should be able to understand the expectations of the management and behave accordingly. Such people only will get settled in these posts. Mainly in finance and Accounts departments, the top management will see that their people are there and they will get the first-hand information and follow the instructions very scrupulously.
    Especially. the cash dealings and revenue generation areas the management look for dynamic people who will think differently and implement money-saving measures without making the people annoyed.

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    In real life situations some people fare better than others due to their confidence and smartness and these attributes are definitely important in todays world. At the same time some people have good knowledge and expertise but they are not dashing and are not as dynamic as is required for moving ahead in a crowd of qualified people. This makes a difference between the two types of people.
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    What is the use of those people who knows many thing and yet go mute for the reasons known to them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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