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    The trap of unending desires

    In our journey of life the main objective of some of the people is only to earn and have all the facilities of the world and in that pursuit people go on struggling and even if they had gained much financial and materialistic progress they are not satisfied. It is like sipping a few drops of some nectar which generates more yearning for it. There is nothing unusual in it as it is the basic inherent natural tendency in human beings to have more and then to desire for still more. But these continuous desires are a source of stress and worry also as sometimes it is not necessary that your efforts will get you what you were intending for. There is a danger of falling in trap of these continuous desires which if not fulfilled will be a cause of great sorrow and despair. What is your opinion on this aspect in our lives? Please share your views.
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    It's not uncommon. Everybody has desires and these desires are unending, never come to an end. But desires remain desires and sometimes, these desires cause frustration also as theses desires are not achievable to a person. Having desires is not wrong but they should be taken positively. One must try to fulfil these desires in a healthy manner and while adopting healthy ways to achieve them by investing his all qualities. Success to fulfil these desires doesn't come easily. If every desire is fulfilled there will be chaos in this world because desires of every person will clash with other person's desires.
    If someone has patience and he is satisfied with what he has achieved without any more desires he will have a better and more peaceful life. Yearning for more desires keeps a person, although struggling, he loses all happiness in life. He can't enjoy this beautiful life.

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    There is no end for desires. So many advancements took place. The human being is making many new inventions and creating records. They can do many miracles. Aeroplanes are invented, Satellites are launched. Missiles are invented. They can climb Everest. Still, they are not satisfied.
    Many luxuries came into our lives The airconditioners are being used and they can create the ambience and environment they wanted in their houses. Still not satisfied. Travelling has become easy and people can travel as much distance as they wanted.
    Like this human beings are being ruled by their desires. The desires are unending. People are becoming slaves to their desires. Desires are controlling us. One after the other, new desires are coming. As long as we are not controlling and putting a stop to our desires we will never have happiness in our lives.

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    Though desires are essential to keep ourselves active but excess of it can lead to frustration since many such desires cannot be materialised. This will further aggravate the stress and its side effects can be seen in their daily activities. They will ultimately ruin their own happiness affecting the family environment. Hence we should have desires which can be accomplished with our involvements. We need to go through the entire details how a desire can be achieved. We would be required to have some set of skills to achieve the tasks. We need to have patience and determination to execute any task. Hence desires should be restricted to minimum and every effort has to be made complete the tasks successfully.

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    Desires are the ultimate aim of our life and the desires should be reasonable and not beyond our limit. The desires should be within the striking rate of our achievement in the present or near future. For example if my salary is about sixty thousand take home still I can have the desire of having a flat with monthly EMI of loan for 15000 or so. But if the salary is less than 40,000 our thoughts will not go for owning the house at all. So it is clear that we should desire and dream to desire big but what will happen is within the parameters of our affordability and the strength without the support of others.
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