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    Aim at those works which are result oriented with your interventions

    In the office not everybody can tackle the problems and challenges that come on the way of daily duties and some times particular employees are bestowed with tackling the issues formidably and thus the customer relation is maintained and retained. We know our capabilities and limitations under which we are bound to work and therefore accept those tasks which are going to be result oriented with your intervention and that brings a commotion free environment in the office as the matter is handled to the satisfaction.
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    Public relation and listening to complain of clients is not the area of everyone. Some people can handle them easily while others shirk. As the author has mentioned about some of his colleagues who are capable enough to satisfy their customers. it's their job to deal with their clients and satisfy them if they have any complaint about their company, services, products etc. And for performing these responsibilities they are paid. But one thing is quite obvious about front line staff that they can face anger, harsh words and sometimes abusive language too if their client speaks in anger. In this situation, patience should be maintained, and there is a test of PR staff on how to tame their client and make him realise his mistake too. Quality of the staff is if client apologises for his misbehaviour.

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    True. We should know our strong points and we should select works in those areas so that our efficiency will be recognised and we will get good rewards. But one should not stop there. Actually what is required for the organisation is to identify and we should acquire additional skills in that and then we should get more recognition. Selling what you have may not yield higher profits. But making the product in demand and selling them will yield you maximum rewards. The same theory works out here also. Do what the organisation requires, you will get maximum rewards.
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