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    Dead end jobs are sure traps for monotony -- totally avoid them

    Take routine banking. Even at the level of an officer, the job is an extremely dull one. It is all about debit and credit and there is no scope for any innovation. Once the officer becomes a Manager, he is mandated to give loans and the pressure from various quarters makes his or her life a terrible one with ambiguities. Yet, the salary and perks are too good. Hence, the bankers stay on and get to do whatever they do in their career.

    Cut to the corporate sector. The good old days when people would stick to one company and progress for a lifetime is as good as gone. Today, we need people to move on and add value to the quality of one's experience. This is absolutely essential. For example, if someone is stuck with a routine accounting job, he or she should quit and join another organization where exposure to funds flow, cash flow and working capital management becomes a part of the job. The M.Com qualification is useless; the ICWA qualification is the best. He or she has to acquire this qualification or the ACS qualification and change jobs. Moving to a metro city like Mumbai or New Delhi can mean a lot as the superb organizations are based here. In general one should work in multi-product, muti-unit conglomerates like the Aditya Birla group.

    Please do advise any of your sons or daughters or relatives to get out of dead-end jobs in double quick time.
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    On the one end the same author has said in a thread that getting a job has become more difficult and the government was the failure. And now the same author advise the people not to accept the dead end jobs. For those who want a job and even ready to accept a class four employee job in a bank, what ever comes the way is the bonus and readily accepted and every one knows that a bank job is the respectable position with good salary and perks. But what the author says is over rated thoughts. Those managers who tackle the pressure tactics and function within the parameters of banking rules, none can question them as they would be playing a safer field. Ask any youth now they are ready to take on any work if it gives them the position and money and they would develop further with their involvement.
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    Mohan Sir, the advise is for people who are already in jobs. The accounting example has been quoted to illustrate a point. Regarding banking, everyone knows that a Bank Manager's job is never a bed of roses.

    Yes. Everyone knows that there are risks but people still choose banking because of salary and perks; now, whatever example I have given is based on years of experience with hundreds of people across organizations. It is not that only accounting jobs can be dead-end jobs. And for your information, only those who take up a job for the sake of salary and then equip themselves get out of monotony. Even after Covid, in May 2020, I guided two guys to take up BPO jobs from home. When the relaxations came, one of them studied part-time for SAP Finance in a private institute. Today, he has quit the BPO job and has joined an IT from. Today, 3 star hotels have also opened. The second person, a girl has joined the front office of a leading hotel. I keep on guiding so many as part of my consultancy services. Yes, it is not so easy to get core jobs. But those who have good presentation skills are the ones who make it.

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    And always note that the great present Govt, with one of the worst Finance Ministers is the one solely responsible for the rapid decline in the number of new jobs. You may deny it but it is true. Yet, whatever slots are available I guide the youngsters to take them up.

    Well, yes. Your great Government is the only one, since Independence, to have brought in laws and rules encouraging armies of contract labour. Now, the disastrous Indian Relations Code will mean total absence of worker-rights to even go on peaceful demonstrations. God save this country. Since am a consultant, I know the realities. Yes. The number of new jobs is coming down every day. Yet, I keep on advising people to take up whatever comes. Pl do note that the BPO jobs are still available. Mostly, everyone works from home.

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    Given a choice no one will opt for dead end jobs and one takes it up due to the extreme necessity of making a livelihood. Any job which has no future prospect and is monotonous in its nature is not congenial for a person. There are instances where people simply quit the job because of the extreme monotony. After the independence we had so many Public Sectors created by the govt which have so many jobs to the people at executive as well as worker levels. Most of the things were managed by the Govt and plenty of jobs were there and the officers used to press a bell and a peon came with a glass of water. Actually for a glass of water a peon is not required as one can go to the tap and have it. But that generates jobs. We had so many jobs in Govt but most of them were unproductive but they gave employment to the people and I still remember at that time when one got a Govt job then first thing was to go to temple and offer sweets to the Almighty and then to the neighbours. Gradual privatisation has killed it. Now jobs are shrinking and no one can help in it. The only way to create jobs now is through rapid growth in manufacturing and service segments where enough potential is there. Another way is infrastructure improvement. Govt has to think for large scale infrastructure revamping which will engage a large work force. Let us learn from China. After taking Tibet they have made so much infrastructure there which may apparently look useless but at the time of war the tanks will reach there swiftly. War may be there or not but people got employment for some time. We have to do activities for giving jobs to people in disguise of infrastructural development or any such thing which may not be critically necessary but creates employment. Give hundred per cent subsidy for industries near the village farms. Let the raw material be consumed there itself. Increase the army two times. So much employment will be generated. If there is a will there is a way.
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    That is correct. Join in the job whatever you get and from there try for a better job. That should be the way one should adopt. Get into a job. That will ensure some income to you. While working in that role and after getting some experience, be in a lookout for a more rewarding job. Many people do this these days.
    Getting a job itself is very difficult. So one has to accept the job. Work with interest and see that you will make a mark for yourself in that organisation. Once that is done, start acquiring new skills which will be helpful to you to shine on your job. That will make you be in touch with the developments in the area pf your work and you will et more and more opportunities in your way. Reorganising the methods and rerooting the works into the fast track is always rewarding and you will find more jobs coming your way. If the organisation wants you to stay back they will compensate enough and encourage you by offering some rewards and awards to you. So try and get into highend jobs.

    always confident

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    Almost everyone wants jobs with a good pay scale in a good position. Jobs also depend on the person's interests and his financial needs. Some people have more family responsibilities and have to hold on to any job that can meet their financial needs over time, but skill development can be done with the job. In the current situation, as unemployment is increasing, it can be a little difficult to expect all the facilities in the job. Some people are financially competent from the family and choose jobs based on their salary keeping in mind other facilities.

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