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    Plan for early marriage or else you run out of right match

    Be it boy or the girl the marriage has to be performed either arranged or love marriage. But these day it has become fashion for the youth to wait for their career settlement and earning enough money and then plan for the marriage and that would be too late to decided because once the age bar goes beyond 25 getting a right match is difficult and there is a general feeling that some disadvantage factor is there and that is why marriage decided late. Therefore plan for marriage at the right age and not at the later age.

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    It is not a fashion but a necessity for the youth to wait to get married until they are settled in life. The girls are also waiting to get a job before they get married. They want to be financially independent by the time they get married. This is good for them. The times have changed and by the time the education is completed and get settled in life with a job, the youth are crossing 25 years.
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    Without getting settled in career if somebody is getting married, financially he/ she has to suffer a lot. But once they get into a job they need not wait for years together to get married. For a boy we settled in a job 25th to 27th year will be the right age to get married. But some young people wait years together with so many unwanted desires. Finally they will be left without finding a suitable match
    Always select the right time to get married and look for a suitable match. This should be the right way.

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    This is the common thinking that a young boy and a young girl should not marry until they are settled in their lives. It does not fit in my views. What is the criterion of this "settled"? If a young boy gets a good job and starts earning so much money that he can bear the expenses of his family. This is the minimum level of "settled" but a person doesn't stop here. He wants to earn more and wants to reach a higher level. This hunger of progress and piling up money keeps him stay away from marriage. Why in past young boys and young girls would marry?. Because if the boy had stood on his legs to run his family he would be married by his parents or if the father had enough source of income like a land, orchard or any other business, the boys would be married. But now the time has changed. Young boys don't satisfy until they reach their required target. Why is this difference between the two generations? The reason is the opportunity of free intimacy. Both genders need each other when they reach puberty. For a certain limit, they can subdue their feelings but after some years they earnestly require the company of their partner. In old days this opportunity of free intimacy with the opposite gender without marriage was not socially acceptable. So, both boys and girls would be married at the earliest age after reaching puberty but today young boys and girls don't have a dearth of this opportunity of free intimacy without marriage. They can live together as husband and wife and society does not mind it. When their need is fulfilled without having the extra burden of responsibility of a family then why they should marry. This is why you will rarely see any "virgin creature" around you if he or she has reached around 20 years and more.

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    The more the persons get old the people think of some setbacks in their living.
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    The basic law of reproduction says that the marriage should be around an age of 20-25 years which is the best period for biological mating and reproduction. But humans are humans and are not animals that they can mate at puberty. Due to our civilised and career conscious approach it is not possible for the boy to go for the marriage as he has to take care of his future family and the girl will also not like to marry an unemployed person due to obvious reasons. In fact some girls are choosing to marry even a rich guy already having a wife. So employment and financial conditions are also a very big factor for the marriage today and that is the sole reason that the marriages are being delayed significantly.
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    It is nice to get married at the correct age. But, there are many obligations in our life due to which we need to be prepare before that. I appreciate this view that marriage should be after getting a job, else couple has to suffer a lot in case of financial matter. Nowadays, both boys and girls having the same thinking. Both want to get married after getting a job. That's why age at marriage has increased compared to earlier. In earlier times, girls would get married at maximum age 25. But, now, it has become the starting age for girls marriage point of view. Moreover, A drastic change has come into our society. There are many alternatives to marriage in our society such as live-in-relationship. So, the new generation feels that marriage is not compulsory to satisfy their body need. Young boys and girls are freely roaming and living together with the consent of one another. Therefore, to get married at the correct age is not compulsory requirement.

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    Marriage is an important part of any person's life but marriage is not the whole life. There are many and many parts in life, in which career is also an important part, marriage and career are two different aspects, but sometimes they are related to each other. Any person, whether boy or girl, should consider marriage only after reaching the point in a career and they should be financially competent.
    But in the end, the decision of marriage should be of a boy and a girl. Everyone has different expectations from life and should decide on the basis of when to get married. At present, there are many couples who are enjoying family happiness after a late marriage, and on the other hand, there are some who are happy to get married at an early age. This is the subject of a personal choice.

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    In my views, there is no such thing as the right age for getting married. It is because the right age cannot be decided. For some, it can be as early as when they reach 20 years of age. For others, it can be as late as when they turn 50. Of course, when one plans to get married in the age when everybody in society is getting married, one faces fewer difficulties. One can choose a partner for oneself from various options available. If one plans to get married later in life, options do decrease, but in no way means that one cannot meet the right partner. It does not mean that one has to settle for what is available. All that is important is to achieve what needs to be achieved before tying the knot and then look for the right partner.

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    Though the right age for marriage for a boy may be considered 28 and that of a girl is 23 and such a marriage would be ideal since they are supposed to behave in a matured way and they can go in the parenthood because of their healthy reproduction system. However, both the genders have some aspirations and want to have sound financial stability prior to their marriages so that they could discharge their responsibilities towards their offsprings effectively. Their thinking in the similar fashion makes sense that their kids don't lag behind in terms of education and other psychological needs. Such concepts have raised their marriage age upwards by an additional of five years of age for both the genders. Hence the ideal age of boy, though somewhat late should be around 33 years and that of the girls should be 28 years. Further delay can cause difficulty in the way to parenthood especially to the girls in conceiving.

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    If the girl surpasses the age of 25 getting alliance has become a problem for the parents.
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    Marriage is considered the most special and dedicated decision that one takes in his life as he/she is ready to bone in all sense i.e. physical, mental, and financial. The two become one to form a new family of their own where they may face ups and downs, raise a family, be together forever in all the situations of life.

    As others have already mentioned, there is no ideal or right age for marriage as many are ready to start a family when they are 21, some at 25 while some wait for till they feel they are ready to start. The same rules imply to girls and their family but due to biological issues, they tend to marry their daughters at a young age.

    When we talk about getting a perfect mate, can't we think in the other way that as the boy waited for the correct time, maybe his soulmate may be waiting for the correct time too. Many have their own way of thinking, their dreams, ambition, problems(financial, job, family), home, etc and would like to complete that before he/she can dedicate their life to start a new family. It is also good and point to note that if everything falls in the right path, one can plan to have their marriage early and take time to spend more time with each other before they move forward and grow their family with a new member.

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