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    Those who help others they are always in good health

    Some people are so helping minded that they would extend physical and financial help to those who need them the most and get into their most liked person list. Even during this Corona period some people participated in serving others not caring that they too would be affected. Once I asked a person who was so helping to others. And what he said was mind blowing. That God would be always kind to him because he has to help others cannot let him down because others would be suffering from want of his help?
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    How and why good health is connected to helping others and vice versa, I could not understand this logic. The author is advised to expound it because it's a new angle about this topic.

    Helping others ,especially, those who are in extreme need of help, is a great service to mankind because now humanity is dying . People are becoming selfish creature. They love their wealth so much that giving their money in charity or helping people is sheer waste. Those who give money in charity, they seek to exempt their taxes and also to show to the world that how much kind hearted they are. This show of charity benefits them on several fronts.
    Some people who are not so much wealthy but they help the poor and needy people. I know some of them who spend their money on poor without any greed of any favour, name or benefit. My late maternal uncle was a retired government servant , he would spend a big amount out of his pension on xbaeiry but nobody among his relatives knew about it but when he died, a person came to his door, paid his condolences to his son and before departure he asked him that his father would give money in charity, if he would like to continue it. Surprisingly, his son was also not aware of his father"s charity- act.

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    Because it would be God sent boon as not everyone reaches out to others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I completely agree with the author. When we help others without any selfishness, we get the result in some way or the other. We all know and believe that there is a supreme power that is running this world and all of us are given the chance that we can do some good deeds in the world and some people understand this thing and some do not. Our energy also depends on our deeds and when we do good deeds and help other people we also attract positive energy, this positive energy also helps us to be healthy and happy.

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    How help is related to good health. Our health depends more on our way of life and our eating habits. Even though we help others, if we don't follow good health habits, we will definitely suffer from health problems. So the connection between two is beyond my thinking.
    But helping others is a very good trait. If we have the habit of helping others when they need, we will get help definitely when we are in need some way or other. So we should help others to the maximum extent possible. It may not be in cash but maybe kind. You can help a blind man to cross a street which is of great help to a blind man. You are not losing anything by helping him except a few minutes of your time. But for him, it is a great help. When a person is hungry if we give him some food he will feel relaxed and that will be a great help for him. I strongly feel that if we help others, God will see that somebody will definitely help you when you are in need

    always confident

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