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    Every product should have its MSP for the producers and MRP for the sellers.

    Presently, farmers want MSP (Minimum Support Price) for all their farm products. While we have MRP(Maximum Retail Price) for all other goods, we should also have MRP for farm products like all vegetables from tomato to potato, cereals and pulses. Also for all dishes served in hotels irrespective of one star to five star hotels. We should also include tailors to have their MSC(Minimum Stitching Charges) for dresses.

    What do you say?
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    There has been consistent demand from the farmers that the MSP for their produce be declared forthwith when the harvest being done. Unfortunately the farm produced rates are highly non predictable as the nature plays the havoc on the farmers fate when the produce has to be cut, it destroys through the vagaries of nature. That is the reason being so there is a wait and watch approach by center and state on farmers request every time on their produce and invariably the MSP is announced not to the satisfaction of farmers. Only for this reason the central govt through the new farm laws given the farmers to choose the markets and decided the prices as per their cost effective and without middle men they can sell. But the stir has stopped even this. And minimum stitching price for the tailors is something need to be addressed.
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    There are many points which are to be addressed to understand the issue of MSP. It is true that Govt has to give a MSP to the farmers irrespective of whether the item is required in the market or not. At the most we can advise the farmers that this product is not required so next year you go for some other crop. So there is a very big role of Govt in this that the material from the farmers is to be procured and then to be kept in the godowns and then to be taken out when it is needed. Like Food Corporation of India (FCI) is doing. But this is a mammoth task of very high size and I do not think that with the type of governance we are having in our country for last 73 years we can really do it with the Govt departments like FCI etc. So, what is required is private players are to be roped in it and when we bring them in for management then if we do not control them or become hand in gloves with them then the whole process fails and farmers will cry wolf. So managing the proceeds of the farms is a herculean task and can be addressed only with better governance which in nowhere in sight. We make all sort of rules and regulations but at the implementation stage we utterly fail.
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    A businessman will do business for profit only. They never like to sell their products cheaply. So they will try to realise maximum money by selling their product. So there should be an MRP for such products so that he will not be at a loss. So they will try to sell their products at the maximum possible rate. That is why there is a border for the maximum rate which can't be crossed. This is for the benefit of the consumer.
    A farmer is not a businessman. He will put the money in the soil and work hard and whatever output comes that will be sold to get the money. They are not rich enough to wait for the prices to go up so that they will get the maximum. So the middlemen try to exploit the situation and purchase the products at a very low price. To avoid this situation the government is fixing minimum support price,
    Tailoring etc is skill jobs and the individuals demand the price based on their demand and skill.

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    Every produce must be supported by the minimum support price so as to offset the loss. To that extent, the initiative taken up by the government goes in favour of farmers. Though the farmers are putting all their efforts to maximise their output but even then there exists a phase of uncertainty. The final output of the harvest cannot be quantified unless there is the arrival of the crops in the yard of farmers. The yield might be beyond their expectations touching either of the extremities unexpectedly high or appreciably low. In the event of poor production, they should get a minimum support price so that they are protected from the looses. This can work only if the produce is not sold to any middle man offering a throwaway price to the peasants and ultimately rake maximum profits by selling the same at a price fixed by the government.

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