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    What do you prefer : vegetable or fruit juice?

    Hi, Whether it is vegetable or fruit juice both are very beneficial for health. Both types of juices are rich in content and added up to a healthy diet plan. Mostly fruit juices are tasty in nature as compared to vegetable juices. I love to drink apple and pomegranate juices almost twice in a week. How often do you drink juice? What do you prefer : vegetable or fruit juice?
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    For that matter most of us are habituated to eat the vegetables and not the juice. But in our house we have the vegetable juice regularly adding carrot, karela, tomato and cucumber smashed in the mixer and added with pepper and salt. This juice is good for the sugar patients and very healthy drink as we would sustain the hunger for many hours. As far as fruit juices are concerned I like the sapota, mosambi and pine apple. But these juices are mainly preferred when the whether is hot and we feel like drinking beverages and then opt for the juices. In our area there are aerated flavored drinks are also available in the taste of apple, banana, orange, lemon, ginger and cola. The price is just six per drink and that is in more demand. The mixed cola is something more tangy and many would prefer this drink and apart from this sugar cane juice are also had.
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    I like all vegetables in all forms and vegetable soups too, in vegetables, palak juice is my favorite but I do not like to drink fruit juices. I like to eat direct fruit more than drinking juice. The only sugar cane is an item that I like in juice form because it is tastier in juice form and lacks flavor when eating direct. Anyway, sugarcane juice is very beneficial. In my region, Ekadashi after Diwali is worshiped with sugarcane and then its juices are available everywhere. But due to the corona epidemic, this year, I could not have sugarcane juice because I did not find it safe. Hopefully, safe time and healthy days will be back soon.

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    I like to take cooked vegetables instead of drinking juice. However, sometimes, I take carrot, spinach juice with light salt. Fruit juice is a favourite beverage for me. I like Mosambmi juice. Nowadays sugarcane juice is being sold at several places. I see people like to take it more than any other juice.

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    I like fruits as fruits but not juices. Similarly, I like vegetables as vegetables but nit juices. Daily I eat some fruits. Whatever fruits are available in that season. I like all fruits. I am a regular eater of fruits. But I don't take fruit juices. Eating fruits is more beneficial than juices. Even many doctors suggest fruits eating only, but not drinking juices.
    Raw vegetables are also good for our health. But all vegetables can't be eaten raw. We will cook and eat them. Every day we eat minimum of two types of vegetables. One on the afternoon Luch and the other one in the night during dinner. Carrotd, Beatroots and similar vegetables along with onion can be taken raw by having some lemon juice drops on them.
    Vegetables and fruits will give us required proteins which will make us strong. So taking vegetables, fruits and dal will be good for our health. Now days the concept is that the carbohydrate in take should be less and proteins should be more.

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