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    How best a matter can be explained? By examples or quoting experience

    In our daily life and even in this ISC forum many threads are raised by the members which need to be given with apt reply and reasoning. How best a reply can be conceived. Should we give the reasoning with examples or quote the personal experience in this regard. But it is generally noted that who ever raises the issues or matter would look for the exact answer but it all depends on how we understood the post or the thread and response to it. How best we convey our views is the matter to be watched with others giving counter to our replies.
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    The reply is subject to two aspects. (1) How lucidly the author explains his views about any topic (2) How other members understand it.
    Citing personal or other people's experience gives weight to their posts besides logic. Every theory needs practical, else it remains a theory until it is practised upon. People have a vast scope of experience, simply they need to venture. Sometimes, I see quite a fallacious reasoning, quite illogical stuff based on ad hominem presented on the board probably, being indoctrinated they present their outlook. I appreciate ISC to these rules which keep the discussion within decorum.

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    It is always better to mention our own experiences related to the point mentioned in the particular thread. We should also give good examples related to the subject of the thread. The example should be relevant to the thread and one should remember that example. Many university Professor we taught me in the university by giving good examples. Those examples even today after almost 35 years, I remember,
    Our points should be related to the topic. That is not correct. Our writing should be in connection with the subject of the thread. Otherwise, nobody will appreciate the same. Bring in new points which are not mentioned by other authors will make your reply an unique reply.
    Many authors explain the subject in detail and we should add additional details related to the matter. In that process giving good examples is the best way to adapt I feel

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    The author raised an interesting thread. I think when we explain our point through an example then others are easy to understand our thoughts. Many times the authors also posted threads on the basis of their life experience or their views, so if our reply will be based on our experience, then perhaps the discussion would be in the right direction. Sometimes the situation mentioned in some threads is completely applicable in our own life, it is even easier to reply. When we tell our point with our experience, we are able to explain it in a way that other authors can easily understand.

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    I would say quoting experiences is also a way of giving examples. Examples help us to understand things in a better way. Real-life examples are a good way to realize things. It makes the issue a lot easier because people can quickly relate to it. For example, let's think of installing a new application or software in our computer where one has to follow certain procedures. Giving just a step by step description of the installation procedure and the location of keeping the installation files may not be easily understood by a person who is not enough conversant with the technicalities. By giving a screenshot of every step along with the description will make things a lot more easy for such people. It will help them to understand how the screen looks like when each step is completed and I am sure they will follow these types of documents only that shows a pictorial description. To help one understand things better, examples or experiences should be such or close to such things that others can easily relate to.

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    Instead of quoting examples sharing experience would be great.
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    Sharing experience or citing examples both are required for making a good presentation and the audience will like them for understanding the topic in a proper manner. It is also true that established and unique examples will be better than the personal experiences as sometimes personal experiences can be a little biased also or may not be in exact resonance with the topic.
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