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    Parents of toppers should be awarded.

    I was thinking about it that parents' role in the education of their children is very important. When students get good marks, they are appreciated and when students top the class or school they are awarded by the management. Photographs of toppers are also published in newspapers. Obviously, the purpose of publishing photographs of students is to do publicity of school so that other guardians might admit their children in their school. It is a sheer professional activity. I don't underestimate efforts of school staff or school management but the most important aspect of this success is overlooked and they are the parents who should be given full credit for the success of their wards. I think parents of toppers should be awarded by the school management for their dedication, affection, hardworking, spending the money to educate their children.
    What do you think about it?
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    Every parent tries their best to provide good education to their children. There is no denying that parents have a great responsibility towards the success of the students, though in this case success is measured in terms of marks scored in certain exams but why to appreciate the parents of toppers with awards? Think of the case of very poor parents who strived against all odds to provide good education to their children. After the results are out, it is found that the children of those poor parents couldn't be the topper but scored well in most of the papers. It may be found that the student who came first in the exams stays in a hostel far away from his home or didn't receive enough support from his parents to do well in exams. In this case, can we deny the struggle of the poor parents whose child couldn't come first and appreciate the parents of the topper who do not have much role in the success of the students? Recognition should be for those who are doing the job to achieve something. If parents are needed to be appreciated with awards for their efforts, every parent must be awarded, not the ones whose children came first or second in the class.

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    The author is absolutely right. There is no doubt that the parents try their best for the future of their children. Some children have ideas about their abilities and some have to feel their ability. Parents have a significant contribution in both situations. Many parents give up or change their own careers for their children's careers so that the future of the child can be golden. In every situation, parents try to give all facilities only to children, in this case, their contribution must be appreciated and children should also understand the importance of this.

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    Parents role in the success of their wards is very important. Parents should see that their wards will do well in their studies. That is why they search for a good school and good teachers and admit them in those schools. Then the parents will also closely monitor their children to know how they are studying and whether they require any special help in some subjects and arrange as required. They will also try to understand the interests of the children and accordingly they will select their subjects also. That way at each and every step parents should take care of them.
    But you can drive a horse to the water but you can't make it to drink. In the same way, you can help and guide the student but we can't study for him and write the examination for him. As such it is the hard work of the student which decides the ranks and marks but not te parents efforts. So publishing the photos of students and rewarding them suitably is more apt than publishing the photographs of the parents of the rank holders.

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    It gives a great feeling that parents would be elated to see the child perform against the heavy competition and if the same parents are invited and honored by the school or college that would be double yummy. For that matter when my daughter scores 10/10 in SSC and 987 marks out 1000 in Intermediate, both the school and college were honored us and we are deeply moved by the gesture.
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    This is a very interesting suggestion by the author that parents should be applauded by the school or college authorities for their part in he success of the students. This would definitely be a good gesture and parents will feel good if such a treatment is given to them. I remember during our UG degree convocation our parents were also invited in the function and they enjoyed it thoroughly especially when some of us were called for the receipts of awards. I do not know what is the general practice in this regard but only a few institutes might be calling the parents for such award functions.
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    In Tamil "Eanra Pozhuthir Perithuvakkum Than Maganai Saanron Ena ketta Thai - Thirukkural. Means - A mother would be happier than the time she gave berth to her ward when she hears that her son is great.
    Surely, the parents would be happy with their ward's achievement in school or colleges. But do they really contribute to their ward's achievement except paying the school or college fees? There are many parents who don't care about their wards, and there are very few parents who really care about their ward's education.
    Anyway, the award received by the student is shared by their parents also. There is no need to award them separately. Parents don't need any publicity.

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    "But do they really contribute to their ward's achievement except paying the school or college fees? There are many parents who don't care about their wards, and there are very few parents who really care about their ward's education."

    Are you one of those parents?
    If yes, then you are right.

    If , no, then why do you think that Many other parents are careless about their children?

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