February 2021 Schedule of Contests

As we head towards hope, not for just immunity against the virus through the massive vaccination drive, but also a vaccine that would help treat seriously affected patients, let us continue to maintain safety for the sake of others - please wear a mask when you step outdoors. Don't take it lightly!

Now, let's have a look at what's in store for our ISC family in terms of what many of you love to do - participate in contests!
1. January Topic-based TOW - Plan

2. India vs England Series-
(I) MAP 1 - Test Series: 3rd February 2021 - First MAP
[MAP 2 - T20 Series and MAP 3 - ODI Series: in March 2021]

3. Article writing contest: Courses - institutions and careers

4. Colour Pairs Tri-Series - each to be announced on a Friday, each kept open for three or four days only.
(i) Photo and Caption
(ii) Pen a Poem
(iii) Script a Micro Tale

5. Brand Quiz (postponed)

6. February Topic-based TOW: 28th February 2021.

We may have a few fun activities, too, so stay alert and bookmark this page! We expect good participation, keeping in mind that we keep aside time and put in a lot of effort to organize these programs.