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    Will OTT become the main vehicle for movie distribution?

    Movies on the OTT Platform on Amazon prime had to be screened during the lockdown. Just now, theatres are allowed one hundred percent capacity. It is a moot point as to how many movies in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, the three major Indian languages in which most movies are made, will garner profits.

    The movie MASTER starting the second most famous hero in the Tamil film industry, with the 70 plus Rajnikant bound to fade out soon due to health problems, is a recent example. Released worldwide, it was reported that the movie made "record sales". If this is true, why did it get released on Amazon Prime on the 29th of Jan 2021? This is an amazingly shocking state of affairs. So, can we see a gradual phasing out of theatres in most cities , with only the multiplexes being able to stay in business?
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    It seems the theaters would be allowed to have full capacity crowd in short period as the country is limping back to normal and the vaccine program is going to be done. The death cases have come down and except Kerala the virus is not that present and slowly people want to live normally and wants entertainment through theaters for which they are yearning to see and enjoy. I feel the entire country would be thrown open to the movie lovers and the theaters would start functioning normally. So OTT platform would be forgotten sooner or later.
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    When there is no other alternative people are watching the movies on the OTT platform. Even though theatres are opened, people are bot comfortable to go there and watch the movies. Still, the pandemic effect is there and not out completely. Slowly people will start going to theatres over a period of time but nor immediately. It will take some more time. Vaccination is to be picked up. The public should get confidence. Then only many people will think of going to cinema halls. Till such time people has to enjoy movies only on the small screen on OTT platforms. I think in another 5 to 6 months the full public will start visiting the theatres.
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    The Theaters may be allowed 100 percent capacity but it takes some more time to limp back to normalcy. In one way OTT platform is also good for the movie industry as it helps producers who create budget films and cannot get good theaters to run their movies. There is a lot of competition between producers who create budget movies and the producers who create movies with a very high budget. Sometimes low budget movies even though they are good at performance, theater owners are giving preference to high budget movies over low budget movies. So low budget movies were only shown for few days or few weeks. This problem can be overcome through out platform. So it is better for movie industry to encourage ott platform also.

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    During the last few months there was a mushrooming of Over-the-top (OTT) media services which provides the movies directly to the subscribers through internet and is a subscription base model. This has got a good popularity and due to Covid situation was successful also to quite a good extent. Now some people have a habit of going out and have fun with friend and family in movie theatres and may not enjoy the OTT mode. So once the theatres are opened for full capacity then we will come to know the coming trend for OTT whether it remains as it is or dwindles down with time.
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