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    Do you think internship is good for career development? Is it better way to choose the right career?

    Hi, Nowadays students prefer internship before getting any job. Internship helps students to get real working experience and exposure to the industry they want to join as a career. While doing internship they are facing real work environment and they are not expected to do heavy jobs but assigned small job tasks. There they get more practical and workforce knowledge. While doing internship students can decide that if they want to continue on same career path. By doing few internship helps them to find the right career choice. Do you think internship is good for career development? Is it better way to choose the right career after college?
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    The internship is a bridge between the college and the industry. The student who came out of college will not have any idea about the industry and its working culture. By doing an internship the student will get some first-hand information about the industry and how to conduct himself in that place. It will give an introduction to the industry to the student. That will give them a chance to perform well in the written test and/or interview for employment. That is why these days many students are doing one or two internships after their degree. They will get on the job training during the internship.
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    Yes, an internship is an important step that helps you understand the role before the job. When we are young children, the elders of our household make us do some small housework works so that we have an idea and by the time when we get older, we ourselves become eligible for other household works. Internships also play an important role in giving us an idea regarding our jobs. Until we start doing jobs, we cannot do jobs with as much perfection as we think. While doing any job, we are not only limited to our job profile but we are also responsible for other aspects of the job, such as good communication with the people, etc. is also an important part. In internships, we learn all these quality which is very helpful during our job.

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    Internship is the essential parameter to know the working conditions of the industries and once this session is completed, the candidate would be able to be familiar with working environment of the industries. They would be exposed to different men power providing them a complete picture of their temperaments. In that way, they can manage the people very effectively after knowing their area of interest. They can manage even their bosses in a better manner due to closeness with them. The other resources connected with the jobs are also known to them making their tasks easier in all respects. Since the pattern of the job is known and how to initiate the same is also known, there can be reduction in wasting timings and in that way, performance of the candidates would improve.

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    In earlier days there was 'apprenticeship' . It was pre-employment training cum earning for the unemployed, inexperienced freshers. Present day internship is a watered down version of the yesteryear common apprenticeship.
    In the absence of apprenticeship, internship is the next best in gaining some hands-on experience and awareness about a job in the market. The graduate may not panic when he enters the job market, as he is by now somewhat aware about the demands and expectations from him by the employer. In the same way he is also able to demand what he wants from the employer as he knows how he can perform and what potential he has to be put to benefit the company.
    He can also choose a job where he is more suited rather than taking up any job blindly.

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    Even though qualified with academic excellence , a student cannot get the right job due to lack of concerned area of interest experience and the the students are trained with job openings in future. There is no particular time frame for the internship and it all depends on the student to learn fast the intricate of work and in that process he may be taken into maintain stream staff of the company and that is purely luck factor also.
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    In schools and colleges students get theoretical knowledge, an internship gives them exposure in the real working environment. What they study in their books, they practically use their knowledge there. It will instil self-confidence in them. They will not hesitate to undertake any responsibility of doing any job after completing their internship period. I think students should necessarily do an internship. It helps him to face the real world.

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    Internship is a great opportunity to work in a real life environment especially when an internship is obtained in an industrial unit. It provides practical knowledge to the candidate and he or she gears himself for entering the industry and start the work immediately. Earlier we had induction training or apprenticeship training but after the popularity of internship those things are not required in many cases or may be redundant to that extent. So, a good internship would definitely be helpful to the student who is undergoing it and preparing to make a future career in an industry related to that learning.
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