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    Some work should always be done on its own.

    In our society, every child is taught that, after taking food, take your plate and keep it in the right place and never wash your hands in the plate. Along with this, it is also taught that clean the place where you have taken your food. But should this learning be forgotten after an age? I have often seen that in many families it is customary that the men of the house leave their plates after eating and the work of the children or women of the house is to keep that plate into the sink. If someone is elderly and cannot do their own work, or is a guest, then it may be appropriate to do it for them but not for all. But one thing does not understand why the task like lifting your plate is made so difficult and that is when you are also fit health-wise. Does growing up mean forgetting the things learned in childhood.
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    This will depend on the culture of the family. In our family, my wife and two daughters in law will never allow us to keep our plates after eating in the sink. They will do that. But some times we will do that. None of us will hesitate to do that. Generally, we will be using use and throw plates and they will be kept in the waste bin after eating. If we use the plates, they will be washed by the servant maid.
    There is nothing wrong if we help the ladies in the house in domestic works. Based on our time and convenience we should share their responsibilities. My elder son will cook food on Saturday and Sunday evenings. We all will be doing some help to him in completing the works.

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    We follow the traditions being maintained in our families since a long time and even the ladies are accustomed to do their household jobs what they were doing for a long time. What I feel that no job allocation should be done on the basis of gender pattern. If we look why the ladies are involved in the household chores, the answer lies in their availabilities in their houses for a stretch for 24 hours where as the males are preoccupied with their jobs outside the home premises. The situation makes the ladies proficient in all sorts of jobs connected to her residence. Demarcation of the jobs has been done for carrying out the jobs as per convenience. The same can be interchanged depending upon the situation.

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    Children are taught these manners to teach the same manners to their children when they themselves become parents.
    I agree with the author that it is quite commonly seen in almost every home that men don't lift plates. This is the common tradition. There is nothing wrong in helping ladies when men are at home and especially these works which they can easily do.
    Our family eat together. We don't eat in separate plates, rather we take food in same plate, Even in large plate 4 to 5 family members can eat together in the same plate. So there is no such issue for us which the author has raised about.

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