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    Corruption will end only with our moral value.

    Corruption is a word about which even today a child knows but the real meaning of corruption is probably not known. Corruption is not limited only to government, democracy, system, etc. But in today's time, this word is very important in our lives too. It truly means that the behavior of every person going against their limits or dignity can be considered corruption.

    A parent who lives their whole life for their child only, when the time comes, a child who does not serve his/her duties to the parents will also be considered corrupt. A person who has helped you in bad times, not helping him in his bad times can also be called corruption. There are many aspects in life and it is up to us that we look at life from which side. The corruption that is occurring everywhere can be eradicated gradually by our moral values ??and our honesty.
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    The author has positive views about the elimination of corruption that sooner or later prevalent corruption will come to an end. But it's against the reality of the system whether it is an issue of society or government entities. Corruption is deep-rooted, even ingrained in our mind.
    On official level bribe can never come to an end, the reason is that new candidates who are selected for jobs, generally, come with the help of bribe. If someone doesn't want to take bribe and want to keep himself from taking bribe whole system will not let him survive in the department.
    About the social system: every new generation leaves the old human values. You may notice it about your elderly people, their attitude, behaviour and manners are good towards all and sundry. If you ask them about their childhood they will say now corruption is prevalent in society. In their time people were very nice. Their forefathers were more gentle people than their generation and today's generation is worse than their generation. Every next-generation brings more corruption with it.

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    Every one talks about ending the corruption altogether but invariably we have seen that the corruption is the two side process and action when we talk much about the bribe taker, why we are silent on the bribe giver. Abetting corruption is also a crime and most of us would not comment on them. Morals from our childhood do impart the corrupt free society to which we have even wrote a nice write up in the classes But the fact remains that as long as before wants get the things done overlooking the law and requirements the corruption would exist and that should be stopped forthwith.
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    People who have moral values and ethics will never indulge in corrupt practices. People who have a fear for God will never indulge in corrupt practices I feel. As an individual, we should respect the code of conduct of the organisation and should not deviate from that. Then there will not be any chance for anybody to apply corrupt practices.
    During the election, no citizen should accept any favours from the people who are contesting in the elections. But unfortunately, the voters go for small benefits and start collecting money from them. Wherefrom that politician will get money. The prevention of corruption should start from the voter but not from the leader.

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    Corruption is a deep rooted problem in our society as well as in work places and today there does not seem an easy solution for eradication of the evil of corruption. In such a situation one thing that is required is that the system governance should be strict to deal with it and at the same time we have to inculcate moral values in the younger ones so that the next generation becomes aware of this evil and fight against it.
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    We have discussed this issue umpteen number of times but it is again sitting on our heads and forcing us to comment on it. There is no second opinion that it is deep rooted in our system and as many people are involved in corrupt practices, it becomes difficult to take an action against such a large number of people. Even an honest person on the top and at the helm of affairs of the country cannot eradicate it as various forces are there which will act against that honest person at the top and destabilise him from his position. It is like swimming in a lake full of crocodiles in it.
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