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    Do you expect appreciation for the status updates on Whatsapp?

    There are people who are most fond of updating their status on the social media Whatsapp do expect comments and appreciation and that would give them the meaning for hoisting the status very often. At the most we may try for two or three status daily and more than that would be annoying for others to spend time. And what is more interesting is the fact that expecting the comments and appreciation from others and that may be false also. What is your view on this. Do you update your status often and for what purpose?
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    I very rarely update my status on social media. On WhatsApp only I update my status very occasionally. I have no habit of seeing the status updates of other friends. None of my family members does this. They will be updating their status very rarely.
    So there is no question of expecting comments and likes to my status updates. I am also not doing any such likes or comments on others postings also. It is of no use to get more likes and comments. But it is better to share knowledge and other useful information on social media.

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    An interesting thread has been posted by the author. I have never updated any status on my WhatsApp to date, so I have no such experience. Anyway, I started using WhatsApp some time ago but as I have seen other people in my home, that, how many times they check it, after updating any photos or status, etc. in social apps or social media and check again and again the reaction of the other people. It seems a waste of both time and energy. The biggest problem I understand is that when people expect a positive response to the reaction of status etc. but feel bad if the response does not come or comes negatively. So I think one should not waste their time in such activities which can spoil your mood by others reactions.

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    I updated the status very rarely maybe one or two times a year. Many people have a daily habit of updating status with love songs, quotes, and about their feelings. Not sure what everyone's motive is, but I am sure many people would love to get likes and comments on their status.

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    I hardly use WhatsApp. If I have to send documents or photos or any information then I use WhatsApp, else I don't use it. However, I visit Facebook for a few minutes. Those who are crazy for comments and likes may be inflicted with mental disease as the doctors also forbid to take this issue to your heart.
    I like and appreciate views of Dr Rao.

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    Though I use WhatsApp much, I do not update status.
    But when I come across some glaring and noticeable change in the profile photo of some of my frequent contacts, I comment on them. Other than that I do not visit the status page also.
    As I am member in a few groups, time is enough to read and/or delete the umpteen message that come in every day, every hour. Still, I find Whatsapp a very useful app even admitting there may be data selling and spying of our activities and privacy.

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    I rarely update status as I am not fond of doing it but whenever I do update I do get lots of appreciations from the viewers but that's hardly matters if I don't get it from them.

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    I have seen one of my friend who updates his whats app every one hour and shares all his personal information, purchases, going outing , eating and so on. Should we need such updates or should we like.
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