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    Expertise in any field would bring you name and fame.

    We do aspire to become big either through studies or some extra ordinary achievements which are not possible for the others. Those rare happenings are done keeping in view our special knowledge and how to get them. Invariably if some one is more expertise in a particular field and by proving to be the great among all, the name and fame follows automatically to such extent that in future also the same person is called and trusted for the work. Everyone do strive for the break through and that not happen that easily.
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    I agree with the author some people have expertise in a particular profession or field and their expertise becomes a trademark once they start getting success in their every effort. Undoubtedly, it brings them to name, fame and wealth. These people are known as professionals. They work quite professionally without any shortcomings, it elevates them as highly paid professionals.
    Some other people have their skills which distinguish them from many people in the same field. They may be skilled workers, artisans, masons, mechanics, artists, actors, dancers, singers, cooks, hairdressers etc. They are master of their trade.
    I have heard about a cook of a five-star hotel who could check the taste by smelling a dish. He was an illiterate person though, but because of his preternatural forte, he became the chief chef.

    Jawed Habib is the world-famous hairdresser, and a Person who cuts hair or makes shave is, generally, called a barber but he is so much famous for cutting hair and shaving that only elite class can afford his services. He charges his fee in thousands provided that you are an appointment for hair-cutting.

    Some people are born with some special qualities, some people studies and carry out experiments whereas some people learn by experience and carve a niche in their field.

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    Due to advancements in the scientific and technical world there are so many things that one single person cannot learn everything and it is imperative that everyone has to go for some sort of specialisation in an area where one wants to make a career. Today we have specialist everywhere Whether it is IT area or medical area or management positions in an organisation everywhere we have specialist who are expert in their own field. One has to become an expert and specialist is an areas if one wants to carve out a successful career in todys tough competitive environment.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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