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    Media and Modern Politics in India.

    General election (MLA) is going to be held in many Indian state during the year 2021. All the Political party has started their canvasing through meeting, gathering, campaign etc. Various Leaders are resigning from their existing party and joining with other parties. Various messages are comming through media about expected results in upcoming election in advance. Many leaders are appearing in TV media for political advertisement for their parties. Political Murdered started. All are coming to the public through various media including degital media. Where the media will bring these political situation? Please give your understanding.
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    Watching debates on TV channels, especially, on politics is a sheer waste of time. We don't get any knowledge from news channels. I think we should read some good books or watch good websites which give you some knowledge.
    What we will get if any particular party wins elections in a state? What benefits are for us if any opportunist leader leaves his party and joins another party?
    If you are jobless you will not get the job by taking interest in these elections. I think these leaders and news channels make us fool. We should focus on our lives instead, we should stay away from politics.

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    Media has become very powerful due to the technological advancements as well as a large number of people have made their channel and they voice their own ideas there and sometimes make a community of online volunteers to protest for some issue. It is very usual to see that thousands visit these channels regularly and support it in various ways. Some of them raise money also for asking donations for a noble cause. It has become a complicated maze of the online activities where we also get contradictory and misleading information in addition to the usual reliable stuff. So the role of media is very important in this world but the fake people with fake identities and giving fake news, audios, and videos have spoiled the fun and a gullible person is totally mislead in this situation. Some political parties are using online platform for their public relations (PR) and there is so much PR activity nowadays in the internet that it is mind boggling to see those videos. A common man is at his wits end in this crowd.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Come elections it would be festival for the media as they would get much funds through sponsored program on the party and candidate and thus some media are biased and tilted towards one party. Media need to be neutral but India many media houses have already taken sides and they are beaming such news and programs which benefits the particular party. Even during the result day though the party gets zero it is mentioned first and the party gets good seats are mentioned last. Such is the worst behavior of media and we should shun such news channels which are not giving the right picture of what is happening around us. Yes some states are volatile and subject to political murders and highest causalities would be the party workers at the ground reality. So one has to be careful for their life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    By the way, we know that media is considered the third pillar of democracy and its role is also very important. But the media has changed at the present time, the situation of today's media is doubtful, everyone is confused about its transparency. As we see that the media is also being bought by the parties. Media has now become a big business apart from the medium of communication of pieces of news and people now see their benefit in this. Today's media is running for greed and TRP, and deviating from its real purpose.

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    Watching 24 X 7 channels is not good. There is no additional information you are going to get. They give more created news. Many of them are not facts. Based on their affiliations they will give twisted information only. The arrange discussions with local leaders and what is the output of these discussions is also not known.
    During the election times also they will come out with fake news and we will get mislead with such information. Media these days is after money and they want advertisements. So they want to improve their TRP by doing all types of gimmicks and they are all against the ethics of the Journalism.

    always confident

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