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    Do we really consider ourselves social beings?

    I think we need to ponder again and again. You might be wondering why I am asking this question and may also think that this is too silly but once you observe certain activities the same question may pop up in your mind too. Look around your locality. Whether you own a house or reside in a housing complex you will find a lot of people there who do not care about what is going around them. They even do not know their neighbours properly forget about interacting with them. Even if others require some help these people look the other way and remain busy in their own world. Of course, people are a lot busier these days and one must remain busy with their own work without interfering in the activities of others but that should not mean they will stay aloof and remain detached from what is happening around their territory. Unfortunately, the number of such people is one the rise and they will interact with others only when they have a purpose. In this situation, where there is very less social interaction can we call humans, as a whole, social beings?
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    I think it's kind of a disease that they stay away from people. This is common in highly educated professionals and elite class who don't know who is living abutt to their flat or bungalow. They are limited to their own world. They don't know what is happening around them. Some of them even don't what is happening in their country. During campaign of Delhi elections when whole of the media was giving coverage of elections, Shaheen bagh protest was going on, opposition parties were creating high voltage drama and all that was occurring. Media was loitering from street to street or market to market or a locality to another locality. During this period, when one media reporter was in Khan Market (New Delhi) and asked the normal question to young guys and girls like which party was going to win elections etc most of them questioned back to reporter "where elections are going on?"
    However, one or two of them said, "We do have heard about elections in Delhi" but when they were asked about the date of elections, they could not reply, when they were asked if they would cast their vote, they replied in negative.

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    We the social being. Forget about it. We are self centered, selfish and having cunning attitude and yet behave as the succor for others and we talk in such a way that the other persons would come to the conclusion that we are the well wishers But really speaking everyone has their priority and the goals to which they are working and for the sake of time being friendship they do show the sympathy and empathy to which we get bowled for no reason. Everyone has become so selfish in their mind that they want to get their work done and ready to shell down the money. But who ever is sparing the time for the sake of others is great because time once spent would not come back and if someone things that they can reign on others by offering cash to get the work done, they are surely cunning and their motive is the self first.
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    Nice thread posted by the author. It depends on the individual's own thinking and circumstances of life. Some people involve themselves in a lot of good or bad activities in society, some people are involved when their interest is being affected and some are Those who know that they cannot do anything, therefore remain silent. We are all part of the society, our every activity makes the society a new direction and an example for other people, but the dependent person himself is trying to be an example or is just happy to be seen quietly.
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    That is true. Many of us will never care about what is happening around. If a crow gets hurt many crows come and wait there for long and show their unity. But when a person is in problems we never even bother to know what is their problem. We just may watch and go. This culture is more in cities. Even we may not know what is happening to our neighbours. Many times when some accidents happen people will not try to help them and just they will stare and go. A real social being should try to help others. They should try to move with the people and develop a rapport.
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    It is unfortunate that we are becoming socially cut off from our own surroundings and from the neighbours and not ready to help each other in difficult times. This is really a bad situation and we are losing the earlier cordial situations between the people.
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