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    Those are lucky who has spent their childhood with grandparents.

    Hi, There are many people who do not get the opportunity to live with their grandparents in childhood. Those are lucky who has spent their childhood with grandparents. They recieve the graciousness, advice and love from their grandparents. They have the benefits of their grandparents experience of life. They learn many valuable things that helps them to have good life ahead. Express your views on this. Have you had the opportunity to live childhood with grandparents?
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    I was lucky that my grandfather lived with us in our house only and my parents took good care of him. He was very old but was able to walk and do his things independently. During his last 2 years he fell ill to old age and then was almost bedridden. We all did serve him whatever we could do and he had a comfortable time in the end of his life. He was too much affectionate to me and my sister and brothers.
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    Grandparents generally have a very high degree of love and affection for their grandchildren and sometimes the bond between the two is very good. Parents also feel happy that the children are engaged and happy with the seniors. Today we do not have that situation in all the families as people have started living in nuclear families and children are deprived of this great comfort and guiding force in the families. In our times we had joint families and even many brothers lived together. It helped to manage the household within less resources and many things were shared by all. When I was a kid, about 65 years back, I remember that we had grandmother, two uncles, my father, my mother, and my brother living together and as grandfather died long back, everyone treated my father as the head of family and did what he told. Once uncles got married then families started to live separately and we took the grandmother with us and though in between she preferred to stay in the paternal village but during her last years she was with us.
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    Those who spend their time under the shadow of their grandparents are lucky. Only some people are lucky to see their grandparents in today's society. Because in many cases grandparents die before children are born or grow up or their parents do not live with them.
    I could not see my grandparents, however, I saw the sister of my grandfather and mother of my mother. Only my eldest sister and brother could saw our grandfather. Nowadays young people do not marry at an early age. They like to marry when they are well settled and this is why the majority of young guys cross 30+ when they marry.

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    Agree with the author. It is said that a person loves his/her grandchildren more than his/her child and this has always been proved to be true. Children who grow up in the love of their grandparents feel more secure. Grandparents also fulfill all requirements of grandchildren that they could not do in the life of their own children. In today's run-of-the-mill life, parents are able to provide all the facilities and finances needs to their children, but sometimes due to the busyness, they are unable to give the love and belonging that they get from their grandparents. The most precious thing is the moral values ??of the person and we can give these values to the child with the loving and experienced stories of the grandparents. Grandparents are the pillar of the family and we always need them more than they need us.

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    It is true. It is really lucky to spend some time with grandparents. Grandparents will have very good affection for their grandchildren. They care for them a lot more than even their parents. That is why grandchildren also try to spend more time with their grandparents.
    I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. I stayed with my grandparents till I completed my 5th standard. Afterwards, also I used to go to their house many times in a year. During my gradation again I stayed with them for 3 years. My grandfather used to narrate stories very nicely and in a very interesting way. Even my sons used to hear stories from him. He used to entertain children for a long time by narrating different stories.
    Now I am trying to spend time with my grandchildren. Both of my granddaughters will be sitting with me and the elder one sleeps with me. I tell her stories from various epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

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    I fully concur with the author in this in relativity to present day situation.. I am one of such lucky person .

    I am not sure whether this will be happening in future . Nowadays people spent more years for acquiring higher academic qualifications and then want to settle in a good job before getting married. This also results in having children in their earlier thirties to mid forties. Added to this, a good number of young couples are migrating to other countries . All these result in nuclear families and the possibility and occasions of grandparents staying with their grand children has become very minimum. It mostly happens as periods of small vacations or visits either side.

    Usually children get pampering and more liberty and indulgence from grandparents. The same grandparents would not have given so much pampering to their own children when they were young parents. So they just would like to compensate for that by showering all those selfless love,affection,care and pampering on the grandparents. Children also love and yearn for that. Bedtime stories narrated by grandparents is something any child will relish.

    Hence considering present day situation and trend I agree that those are lucky who has spent their childhood with grandparents.

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    I am so unlucky and unfortunate that I could not see the face of my grandparents both parental and maternal. But I had the chance to be with my grandfather's younger brother and his wife. They use to share the stories of my good old grandfather and grandmother. My grandfather was an all-rounder. He was a farmer, a native doctor, an astrologer, a magician, a musician. Also, he was good at witchcraft. But none of his five sons could pick up his profession. However, my dad has some attachment to the above profession. Yet he could master nothing.

    Had I seen him, I would have become an expert in one of the above-mentioned fields. That is fate.

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