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    Name not figuring in the January 2021 cash payment announcement

    I just happen to see the cash payment announcement post in the forum but I have not found my name there though I have crossed my threshold payment value as per my total earnings for January 2021. I request the concerned editor / webmaster to please look into the matter. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks.
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    Also, I did not see my name on this list. It could be next time, probably.

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    Thank you for raising this thread, I was also thinking to raise the same issue as I do not found my name too on the list which should be there as per threshold limit. It may be some technical issue.

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    In each month's list of eligible payees, there will be members who will not figure in that list, irrespective of what is the payment level that has been set, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with any technical issues.

    Check out the opening text in the Help Topic on payments which states, "When your cash credits reach a certain level, you are eligible to receive payments from us. This level is set by the Webmasters every month and can vary slightly depending on various factors." One major factor is the revenue earned by the site. Now, from this revenue, there are things like paying for server maintenance, updating technical features, etc. Hence, on a month to month basis, there will be fewer or more members to whom payment can be issued.

    To give you an idea, I have put together the data on the number of members who were eligible in the last six months-
    December 2020 – 24
    November 2020 – 19
    October 2020 – 26
    September 2020 – 25
    August 2020 – 28
    July 2020 - 27

    If you see the above data, generally the case seems to be that more 20 to 25 members do receive payment, which is really good! Coming to the month of January 2021, there are 17 eligible members. It is possible that with some members earning more through greater contributions, and winning awards as well, some other members have to miss out on getting a payment based on what was allotted as per the site's earnings for January. I feel for you and know it's a huge disappointment. Don't be disheartened at losing out, though. It is what it is and your earnings will get carried forward to the next month. So put your best foot forward and you will be in the list of February's eligible payees, for sure. Keep it as a goal and work towards achieving it.

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    I also missed my payment this time. Maybe, next time they would include my name in the eligible payees.

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    Sanchita Ranjan,
    How can you be eligible for payment? Your balance is only Rs. 324/- You need to make it 600 or more to be eligible for payment. You were paid Rs. 300/- as initial payment. For subsequent payments, you need to have a minimum balance of Rs. 600/-
    You are also not eligible. You have only Rs. 558/- in your account balance. You require Rs.600/- to be eligible.

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    Thank you sir for giving information. I had no idea about that. As per earlier information, I thought that minimum balance should be 300/- only for payment.

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    Vandana, you have clarified it well. I think we all missed that guideline you had mentioned as our mind was totally focussed to the payment when it falls due. No issue. Thanks for quick redressal of the issue for the affected members including me who raised their concern on monthly payment through this post. In fact, as this happened with me for the first time so I could not correlate it with that guideline and simply thought that it was a technical issue or oversight. Strange are the asumptions of prejudiced minds. Now this would remain in my memory for future.
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    As far as I know our Webmaster never faltered on announcing the payment and each member suppose to cross the threshold to effect name in the payment list
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