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    Some people specialize in disturbing.

    Many times we find such people around whose job it is to disturb the work of others. They enjoy it like when someone is disturbed because of them and such people keep looking for the opportunity when they will disturb someone else in his work.

    The specialty of these people is that they can disturb you in any work. If you are cooking in the kitchen, then they will come and ask for the whole recipe, if you are working online, then they will ask for its complete details. Whatever it is, they just have to ask you.

    In fact, such people do not have any work for themselves and at that time disturb you for a time pass, then once your mind is diverted from your work, these people will leave you. What should be thought about such people, is their intention to create disruption in the work of others or do they not understand that they are giving trouble to someone. Members, do you also know such people, what do you think about them?
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    We will see many such people. When we are studying something seriously they will come and disturb by talking about some unnecessary issues. We can't tell them directly not to disturb. We will hesitate to tell them. That will be taken by them as an advantage. They will spoil your time. It is better to tell such people directly not to disturb you.
    In the offices also we will see such people. They will not have sufficient work. They will observe the people who are concentrating on their works and try to disturb them so that they will not get any recognition.

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    Yes there are such peole whose job is to distrub while you are doing any work. Just
    as a remedy give them some work everytime they are disturbing you. Gradually they will begin to fade away during work.


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    Despite knowing about such people that they disturb others while we are working, and paying attention to them at the expense of our work is our stupidity. We should ignore them or if we can't be so rude because of our relationship with them we can ask them to be seated until our work is finished. We should not let us distract from focussing on our work.
    Sometimes, we see such people they enjoy by disturbing us. They play with us and discuss with other people how they have disturbed us.
    If it happens with me I will ask them to keep quiet or I will ask them to go. I don't care if they will mind it.

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    What I have closely observed from my personal life that for two reasons people would team up with others to disturb us , one for the jealous over our progress and the second being and one should not get what others have been denied. In the office or the big shop where many sales persons are involved and they have been given target to woo customers with commission rider, the cut throat competition among the employees would be seen in open to which we can gauge the difference as told by me. The jealous factor is the common reactions from our enemies that we are making too much overtures and keep on marching towards success and thus they create problem in our work with stoppage of our chain of work at one place or the other. One thing is sure we should not give credence to disturbance creators come what may.
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    Envy and jealousy are the prominent traits in the human lives and they force people for taking certain actions resulting from that envious nature. They will try to disturb all those who are doing better than them. This is actually a sadistic approach to create confusion in the minds of the people for some time. They may not gain anything by disturbing others but they feel that they have done a revenge for the ill manners that was targeted to them.
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    There are some people who have that type of offending nature and they are always on a spree to disturb others. It is advisable to avoid such persons as they will simply waste our time and our job in hand would be affected.
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