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    Adaptation is an essential quality for growth.

    The adaptation was a science chapter taught in school, which at that time seemed to be only a topic of the syllabus but with time the value and importance of this one word start to be understood in every area of our life.
    Adaptation and change make the same sense of two words quite a bit. Science is also proof of this time that an organism that has the ability to change itself according to the environment or the situation can maintain its existence.
    Then whether it is a human being, an animal, an animal, a bird or a plant, etc., everyone should adopt adaptation only then their growth is possible.
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    True. We should adapt ourselves to the situation and environment. Then only we can progress. If we are rigid on our thoughts and policies and neglect the conditions prevailing around we may be lost in our progress. Be a Roman in Rome. This is what we were taught in our schools and colleges. So one should change himself to the circumstances and behave accordingly.
    When your boss says something if you say it is not correct, he never likes it. The facts should be presented in a diplomatic way so that he will understand the issue properly. That is how one should conduct himself so that there will not be any hindrance for his personal growth.

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    Adaptation is the ability to change according to the environmental situation and adjust in the same environment. Yes, it is taught in schools and this is included in the syllabus of secondary education. It is an important topic to understand and reflect on its different aspects.
    It is essential to adapt to certain strange situations which are not familiar. It is important for all living organisms to adapt but some are more able to adjust in a new situation. It's important even for humans to adapt to certain situations which are unfamiliar. Adaption is an interesting topic which is worth studying.

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    There is a popular saying that we should sail with the wind and not against the wind. That means we have to adapt to the situations that demand our change and persuasion. There are people who adapt to any situation with ease and get going and there are some situations which cannot be adapted to that easily and needs time. For example a daughter in law adjusting with the husband house amid in law and their families. The newly married girl must have been only daughter for her parents and thus takes time to adjust with every member of in laws house including her own husband. Why because the change of house, the thought process of the new relations and above all there is a ego stigma attached with every relation of husband relatives and thus a daughter in law takes time to recoup with them.
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    I agree with the author that we should have a tendency of adaptability and adjustment according to the situation, circumstances and environment. Being rigid and incompatible may create problems for us.
    She wants to say that we should change ourselves according to the situations to succeed and build our career.
    But it doesn't mean that we should compromise with truth, integrity and our principles. If we are in an adverse situation it will be very difficult for us to sustain and survive. Those who are strong enough to face every situation and they successfully sustain their principles are really great.

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