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    Rath Yatra Rally in West Bengal by Political Party.

    Before the comming election in West Bengal, the BJP has announced to start a Rath Yatra Rally to be inaugurated on 18th February, 2021.This rally with 'Jai Sri Ram' will be all over the Bengal and continue for 3 to 7 days. There is a news about weither the state administration will give permission or not for the rally. In the other hand BJP is trying their best to defeat the rulling party in the election by anyway including such rally. What is your opinion regarding the above rally in Bengal. Thanks.
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    This is the election time in WB and BJP has the reason to fight the TMC with might and planning huge public pull towards that party by organizing the Rath Yatha. Now that the Ayodhya Ram Mandir constructions work has been started and the donation for the same is sought from the Public. And this has become the added advantage to the saffron party which wants to fight on Hinduvta plank in WB and expose the TMC govt. Surely Mamata would be fuming this proposal of BJP and she wold not allow. Thus the cadres of both the parties would be on logger heads and political heat of enimity would further worsen to gives rise to political murders and even stalling the election process. This time the elections are going to be keenly fought as the BJP has some good leaders crossed over from TMC and the coming elections would be tough.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If BJP has decided to take a big rally or Rath Yatra who can stop them. But one thing I don't understand why coronavirus runs away from political rallies?
    Even during peak time of coronavirus no political party stopped from organising their rallies. I have been hearing Amitabh Bachchan's suggestions for several months. When I want to make a call to someone I hear his suggestions. If political rallies are not affected by any pandemic then how we can be affected?
    Now I am thinking - Should I stop using mask now? Is coronavirus no more in our country?

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    To win the elections and come to the ruling, all parties will try all ways and means available. Radha Yatra is one such mission. Earlier also we know many parties and politicians used this for their campaigns. The famous Telugu actor NT Rama Rao after starting his party in the Telugu States took a yatra in a vehicle called " Chaitanya Radham". He used it as a home on wheels and coBengal also, I feel.
    But the point raised by Arafatuzzafar is very valid. Why these parties are not considering the safety and health of the people who are taking part in these campaigns. They advise day in and day out about the precautions to be taken by all of us. Then why they are encouraging these mass events is a big question.
    This is not alone Radha Yatra. There are many possessions and meetings that are being organised by almost all political parties. They should think about that and see that they are not keeping the health of the people at risk.

    always confident

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    Previously when Rath yathra was taken out by L K Advani there was overwhelming criticism as it amounted communal feeling and saffronising the politics. Post Ayodhya verdict and having the Ram Mandir work started, BJP has every right to celebrate and take to the notice of the people. Moreover there is a big campaign going on to pool donation for the grand temple and WB elections seems to have come blessing for the BJP. Nothing wrong in it as long as it is taken out for the cause. But the WB is basically a communist set of people state and very few takers for Ram Mandir plank.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The BJP party wants to take advantage by polarising on a religious basis. This was how they were benefitted in 2014 and continue to do so. Arfaatuzaffar point is a valid one. Political parties concentrate on winning elections. They need people for voting them to power. After that, they will be busy consolidating their power base. The people become secondary. As pointed out above, this time, the elections in West Bengal will be full of acrimonious campaigning. The political leaders are not bothered about the virus and how the elections may affect the people. This will be a tough election and BJP may gain some ground but not power. The religious rallies in election times generate friction among the public and cause a lot of trouble. This is not proper on the part of the BJP to conduct a religious rally at this time. They are prepared to do anything to get power. God bless India.
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    In our country because of the democratic set up everyone gets a chance of taking procession as it wants but the administration can always tell them to be confined in certain routes only so that no traffic or such problem is encountered by the common public. Any procession which is in nature of culture, religion, or related to a sect cannot be denied by the ruling party or the local administration. For example recently the tractor procession was allowed in the capitol on the republic day eve. So, there is freedom of these things in our constitution and if the BJP wants to take out the Rath Yatra, what is the problem in that.
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    Mr. J. P. Nadda has arrived Kolkata on 5th Feb, 21 night to inaugurate Rath Yatra Rally in Nabadip, Nadia District of Bengal on tomorrow along with others programs. Whare as the Administration has refused to give permission for the rally. Let see what happens..
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