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    AdSense deducted earnings due to invalid traffic?

    Hi, I got daily clicks in forum section of ISC as shown in URL channel section of AdSense
    I am also generating revenue from these clicks. For my surprise all the earned amount has been deducted by Google Adsense claiming them as invalid clicks. I never clicked any ads and I don't know how those clicks are invalid. Please share where these clicks are coming and how they are invalid? I thought they might be coming from members in ISC and Google consider them as invalid. Does this affect my Adsense account? I got views from forum and ask expert section. Clicks are coming from forum section only.

    PS: Google Adsense showing invalid traffic instead of invalid clicks. Does this will harm my Adsense account?
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    The hard and fast rule of Ad Sense that we the members should not click any ads of our page or others page and that amounts to violating their rules and punished with deductions of earnings. We have to just concentrate on how to write good articles with more catchy phrases and words that are more searched in the internet and that would bring us the improved traffic and ad revenue . If you are good writer and has the ability to create good articles within time, the words would get you the money for sure and I have earned 7 dollars in one week for raising useful threads in this section.
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    I agree in the contexts of content but due to this Google may ban the account. I have no control over the clicks that I am getting . This might lead to Google Adsense account suspension. What is the solution because before this (Almost 3-4 years back when I was active here) I have never saw this kind of clicks and revenue generated in my account. At that time I am generating revenue only from articles and ask expert section.

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    Hello Kamal
    People who do click a lot on particular page whatever the reason. Google possible can pay for couple of clicks not for the 5-10 clicks. So, when lot of click from some user from certain ip Google just automatically reduce it from your account.
    No one can control invalid clicks except website owner. If you own website you can block some ips to your website. I also seen people talking about invalid click on web and Google have reduced some time half of earning for some peoples. Some of those people moved to ezoic. But if you earn from major income ISC than you have to be with adsense. I hope this answer helps but you can do very little with invalid traffic.
    How much % of your income is from invalid traffic?

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    It is happening with many of us and even if by mistake we click on the advertisements it is going to be treated as invalid click. Google knows it well that we are not doing it intentionally but because of the crowded mobile screen and a lot of advertisements there it might be happening inadvertently and that is the reason that Google is not banning our account and simply deducting the earnings. They will give a warning also that they have kept the account in suspense and they will revoke it again after one month or so. So, this problem is world wide and not only with few of us. I do not think that they will ban our account for that matter but at the end of the day if one does not earn from Google Adsense then what is the fun of having a Google Adsense account. For example in my case for last two years every month whatever I am earning is deducted by them and so far my balance is zero. It may look surprising but it is happening and is a fact. Only thing is that we have to be cautious and not click on these advertisements and complete our work in one go and do not visit the pages frequently. I am somehow not able to take those precautions.
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    Kamal Kishore,

    Please refer to the previous discussions on this same issue in this thread and in this thread. It has happened to everyone globally since the last one year, and not just to ISC members, and nobody has a clue about why it is happening.

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    Hi, My suggestion is to hide the Google Adsense ads for the logged in members of ISC. As Google does not accept the clicks from logged in members. This way we will reduce the invalid traffic as well as clicks.

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    Kamal Kishore,

    I'm not sure how that will work. Without log in also, members are browsing through the pages. On the small screen of a mobile phone, inadvertently ads may be clicked on as these cover the content which one is reading or when scrolling up and down the screen. How will Google know that it is an ISC member but not logged in? Will such clicks be invalid?

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