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    If you want to leave your present job work more effectively

    May be members must have surprised with this heading and must be pondering over that I must change the heading. But I have written the sense. That the present employer is not getting impressed with our way of performance not heeding to our salary hike or promotion. In that case, when you have already decided to leave the job and working on notice period, let the work be more vigorous and more effective so that the employer should think twice to leave such a good employee. Naturally the request would be to continue the job with hikes and promotions.
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    This trick sometimes may work but it depends on management if they want someone to continue or let him leave. If he is a competent and dedicated employee, then surely, they will not let him go but it was a careless employee in the sight of the management and just for the sake impressing them he starts working diligently before leaving the company I don't think management will take him seriously.

    In the private sector, an employee should devote himself to his company and work. It impresses the management and they will not like him leave their company. This is the trend of the business industry. If they are giving salary and other perks to their employees they want to get business and profit.

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    But the trick has two advantage that the employee would leave on a good note or retained for future.
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    This is definitely a very prudent piece of writing coming directly from the core thinking process in the mind of the author and I would simply say that virtue is its own reward. It would be disastrous to work less efficiently while leaving a job. In fact each new day is a challenge in our lives and demands to break earlier benchmarks made by us or made by others. That is what is known as persistent efforts and that is what only counts. Even if we change a job the life in the new assignment is not going to be a bed of roses. So why slow down here. May be seeing ones energetic approach and vigour the management may offer some eleventh hour golden platter to check the exodus. We cannot stop working because we feel that opportunity may not knock at our doors. In fact when it knocks at our doors we are least expecting it so it will be wise to be alert and active all the time and not just sleep and do not hear that knock on the door of our future career opening.
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    Why should we not say, if we want promotion and pay hike, we should work hard. The pay hike you get in the same organisation when you get a promotion will be good but when you change the employer they pay hike will be much higher. Normal pay hikes without promotion maybe also there. They may be further less. In a private organisation, the management will never hesitate to say goodbye to the employees who are not working as required. In the same way, an employee will also never hesitate to leave the job and go to a new job where the chances for development are high.
    I feel once we decide to change a job try for it but never reveal it to the present employer and work as usual. Once we get a good job then resign here and get relieved as early as possible and try to establish yourselves there so that you will have a good future in the new company.

    always confident

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