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    The oppressive tactics only make people stronger to bear the pressure!

    When at different stages, the narrative is being created that JK is heading for development and transformation. When authorities say there is development going on in JK and When authorities are trying their best to create a rosy picture of the situation in JK but the ground situation is different and disappointing. All developmental initiatives have diminished, no snow clearance from the roads and most of them remain blocked. No water supply and above all in this winter electricity has completely disappeared. Lights were off for two days, the battery of our inverters also died, even my mobile phone was switched off for two days when I was unable to charge my electronic gadgets. Therefore, I was unable to post on ISC. We were cut off from the rest of the world due to non-availability of electricity. We have never faced such a situation. The more authorities speak about Naya Kashmir, more hollow and scary it becomes with even passing day! When authorities failed to solve our problem, we in our community collected some money to restore the electric supply and connect with the world. The oppressive tactics only make people stronger to bear the pressure!
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    And even 2G internet speed has been reduced further and it has already created a huge problem in JK.

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    Electricity department should check these electric faults which disturb and affect the lives of people. I can understand how life becomes hell if there is a long breakdown. It creates big problems for people if there is no electricity for two or more days. I hope that concerned authorities will take preemptive steps to avoid such a breakdown.

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    From the post of the author it is increasingly becoming more clear that there has been lack of coordination and cooperation between the center and state and subversive acts are being carried out to defame the good intention of central govt to provide all powers to all people of Kashmir. The basics are the state subject and if that is not provided then the central govt has to intervene set right the things. Kashmir should not be left behind and they have to be on par with other states of the country and for that will of the people and the concern of the state must go hand in hand to bring normalcy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Kashmir is an integral part of the country and its development is as important as that of other countries. But due to lack of cohesion in the politics of the Center and the state, it directly affects the public. In this cycle of corruption and politics, the common man is troubled. After all, how long the public will have to explain their every need to the government again and again. Every person has some basic needs which are necessary for his / her life. The electricity or power system is one of the most primary needs about which such negligence is condemnable.

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    It is very bad to note that people are suffering a lot in J& K. The said condition is mainly due to the lack of coordination between different departments of the government or employees within the organisation. The governments should see that all the departments work with a proper understanding and see that the people there will not suffer.
    Pressuring somebody or trying to suppress somebody may not work for long. The governments should plan and see that this State will also develop on par with the other states also. Otherwise, people living here will be deprived of many facilities and may not progress welll..

    always confident

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