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    Get rid of old vehicles or pay hefty renewals to keep them

    Be it a car or other heavy vehicles the center has brought in new law to get rid of vehicles which are more than 15 years and asked the RTA across the country to draw plan in systematic manner that would take some time. That means if we want to retain the vehicle we have to pay hefty renewal fees and if we want to dispose the kabadi walah would charge from us for clearing the junk with you. Surely those who have paid for fancy numbers must be most worried as they have to get rid of the vehicles for sure.
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    Unlike the old cars like my good old Premier Padmini, the latest technology vehicles are capable of running on the roads for many years beyond the stipulated 20 years. They are sure to pass fitness test and would continue to be on the roads. The Euro IV vehicles have no pollution.
    Of course, commercial vehicles would have problem after 15 years that need to go to the scrap yard. Within 15 years, they must have fetched their original cost. Vehicle owners will have no problem in replacing the vehicles.

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    Old cars are creating pollution and are also a safety hazard. It is necessary that they should be replaced in time. Normally people will not replace them and manage with them for some more years. So, some fine is to be done or some scheme has to be brought in where Govt may give them some subsidy to encourage the disposal of old cars. These old cars do not have any value except the vintage value for very old rare ones. I had an old Maruti car which was bough in 1990. Due to my frequent transfers from one place to other, I did not have RTO papers for that. In 2005, I wanted to dispose that and took it to the Kabari fellow, who gave me around Rs 8500 at the rate of Rs 10 per kg and started breaking it in parts just in front of me to assure me that it would not be misused. Two young boys were working on it. Within an hour the parts were hanged on the sides of his shop for selling.
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    The old vechiles, cars, bikes and scooters having completed 15 years tenures might not be further renewed for road fitness since the government is thinking seriously for scrapping these vechiles due to emission of high toxic level of pollution. Though it may not be necessary always. I know two of my friends maintaining old versions Premiur Padmini and Maruti 800 with their excellent health conditions with the emission level within the normal limit. They would not like to part their vechiles despite these being old more than 20 years. If fitness tests for these cars are to be conducted, it would not fail other. The owners of such vechiles would like to retain the same unless some notifications comes up for scrapping the same.

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    Government should give concession to vintage vehicles which are 40 + years old. Also they should have special permission from the RTO to run on roads. The vehicles should be exempted from paying road tax. However, Insurance is a must for the vintage vehicles. Thus I will be able to retain my good old Padmini who is 48 years old.
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    The efficiency of many of the old cars may be coming down. Every engine will have some life period and beyond that, they may not be useful. As the engine becomes old, the milage will also come down. It required more fuel and the pollution caused by these vehicles will be also high. That is why every vehicle is to be changed as per the period. The latest technology cars are more environmentally friendly. So they may run for more years. As long as the emission levels are maintained within the specified range, there may not be any reason to scrap them off. But if the emission levels are high we may have to do away with such vehicles.
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    There cannot be concession for any model or brand they have to be discontinued.
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