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    Consolidation should follow the expansion phase

    The human life and its ways are a great mystery of all the times. We yearn and sometimes achieve also all the types of materialistic facilities and monetary gains in our lives. In that process we do not realise when we become old and reach the later phase of our lives when we slowly become dependent on others and are not able to manage our property or various types of materials and equipments in our house. There will be someone to take care of all those things whether a servant or family member or even a distant poor relative. But it makes a big difference when we mange our things ourselves and when someone else does it for us. So, at some point in our lives we feel that we have unnecessarily increased our wants and desires so much and now we require only a room with attached rest room and some general engagement and some lighter activities. So, I feel that though we earn and expand our household till we reach the age of 60-70 years but after that we should actually consolidate and remove unnecessary items and gadgets and other furniture and furnishing and try to covert our life style to a simpler one where less hassles are there and less things are there to manage because on a philosophical note we have to prepare to leave the world as it is and start on the next journey. So, it is prudent to consolidate your surrounding luxuries after a certain age and time in our lives and that is what is meant by consolidation after the expansion phase. Any comments?
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    Nice post from the author and it is the fact that as we grow older, the items what we have acquired during the course of time also gets older and obsolete too. But many of the seniors think that getting rid of old things is not good idea for them as they cannot get the same quality for granted. For example one of my friend in Delhi owns the Maruti car which was first introduced and even today he drives on it and kept it perfect. Many a time his children asked him to get rid of old car but he says it was his prized possession having purchased the same with his own hard earned money and further questions that why should be dispose the car when it is in good condition and running very well under one ownership use and I used to tease him that Maruti should award him the most oldest customer of their brand and make him brand ambassador.
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    A very good thread has been posted by the author. It is true that when a person is physically fit, then he/she can fulfill any need, and due to this ability, he keeps on creating new desires and wants to enjoy every moment of life. Our dependence on others after age is a bitter truth of life that will never change, but if we wish, we can minimize this dependence. A distant relative of mine is a woman who is almost 75 years of age, she has always had a habit of eating delicious spicy food and even eating something many times a day and this habit is still here due to which her dependence on other household members who make them also increases, but at the same time, such food is also harmful to her at this age. According to age, it is necessary to change or give up some of your desires otherwise the person increases the physical problems itself.

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    Whilst someone has teeth he enjoys food. It's true that we can enjoy life as long as we have good health but when weaknesses of old age begin to appear we begin to lose taste in life. Also it becomes mandatory for him to change himself as the time passes. His life style, appearance, thoughts, interaction with people even condition of inner soul should also be changed. Those old people are lucky whose sons are good and take care about their old parents. I feel pity and pain for those old people who are discarded helplessly by their sons.
    Avtar, an old movie of Rajesh Khanna is worth watching. Its story reveals this reality of society. I suggest you see this movie if you know Hindi.

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    If you think of a corporate sector, first they will take up expansion. Once the expansion is over, they will consolidate the new expansion. Once the new activity is consolidated and going on its own way, they start looking for another expansion. Without thinking about consolidation, if we go on expanding there will not be any use. Consolidation after the expansion is a must.
    Same may be the case in our lives also. Earning money and getting more and more facilities is Ok. But they should not become heavy once you are getting age. You should be able to manage your lifestyle in the same fashion even after your retirement. We should not become a burden to somebody. That way we should plan our resources and adopt a lifestyle suitable for that.

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