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    Govt cannot make everyone happy

    I remember there was a time when the salary in private sector especially at mid and higher management level was much more than the Govt sector and many people left the Govt job especially when they were transferred from a big city to a remote place or harassed by some of the corrupt senior officials. Today the situation is almost reversed. The salaries in Govt and Public sector are quite high comparative to the private sector. In fact Govt is not in a position to pay such high salaries to its employees but due to political reasons and vote bank politics now it cannot go back because earlier Govt also had increased these salaries time to time through pay commissions and this Govt has no other way except to follow suit. We have also observed that for cost cutting and tackling this problem Govt is at various stages and positions hiring people on contract basis by awarding the job to the private parties like managing an office canteen, cleaning of the office premises etc and saving on that because if it employs the regular employees then the exchequer to that would be high. Govt could very well decrease the salaries of the Govt and Public sector employees drastically and create new jobs like giving a peon to every officer and employing millions of people for office cleaning and other such works but that would make the existing employees unhappy because if we give a child in our house a piece of premium chocolate one day then next day he would demand same one. So, Govt cannot make everyone happy and in making a few of the people happier it has to bear the wrath of so many. What is the solution? Any idea?
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    Once again a good post from the author. It is the fact that some of the govt employees are highly paid and their work is minimal and also supported through the pension schemes later. But most of the employees are highly paid and they do little justice to their seat and department. The pay commission would recommend them further hike every time but none of them would be ever happy and have sore eye on the private employees earning. There has been hue and cry within the staff that they wont get the departmental promotions to which they are eligible for the pay hike in accordance. One thing is sure govt cannot keep everyone happy and it has seen that favor for one leads to displeasure for others and thus some core issues are not touched by the respective govts even though the reforms are needed.
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    I agree with the author that there is a vast difference between the salaries of the private and government sectors. After the pandemic, this situation is worse. Due to lockdown, almost 12 crore employees were reported of losing jobs in the private sector, however, most of them are returned to their jobs or got the jobs somewhere else but now their salary is not as much as they were earning in past. It is very hard for them to bear expenses due to curtailed salary. Government employees have also been deprived of new increment in salaries. But in toto government employees are earning much more than private-sector employees. e.g. teaching staff is withdrawing more or less Rs 70k per month, which is not expected in the private sector easily. Even the new teacher starts earning at least Rs 50k. But in the private sector, nobody can expect more than 10k in the beginning.

    Now, the government is determined to privatise the public sector. It will ease of burden of providing job to people. Outsourcing has been adopted by the government. In future, hardly any government employee will be seen. Several public sector units have been sold to private players. Now foreign companies may also take over PSUs.

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    Govt. and Private sectors are running side by side but basically the reputed private sectors are paying higher payments to their key Official in compare to Govt. officer who are bounded to a fixed scale of pay as determined by the pay commission. As I know with same experienced& qualification an Employee of a Private sectors are drawing more than Rs. 1 Cr a year where as the Govt. employee are drawing below 50 Lakh a year.
    But if we look the maximum employment and payments scenario them it is seen that an Engineer is paying Rs.2.50 Lakh a year by Private companies. This is due to the supply and demand situation of Unemployed and employment in our country. As explain Govt organization is now under huge pressure due to Privatization process. As such manpower situation is quite bad i,e, maximum works are being executed through outsourced to cope up with the competition . So I think work load is also increasing on Govt. sectors Employees. Accordingly the doing somethings based on rules and regulation frame for the purpose.

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    The salaries in the government sector are high for almost all the posts. But in the private sector, the payment will be on the basis of your position and importance. A key man may be paid a huge salary. But the other junior positions may be getting fewer salaries. The payment to the Managing Director of a company may be very high in the private sector. But a teaching staff in the private sector may be getting very less salary when compared to the salary of a teacher in the government sector.
    Over a period of time, the payment in government sector increased enormously but the salaried in the private sector has not gone to that level. To decrease the expenses the government organisations are outsourcing the works to private companies. This is a way to see that more jobs will be created.
    But it is true that government can't make everybody happy. Creating jobs for all people is also difficult. Promoting private sector and seeing that more jobs are created in that sector is the only way to reduce the unemployment problem.

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    Private players are paying higher salaries than Govt. Indeed, Govt can not make everyone happy but it can not run away from his responsibilities. Govt must take measure to provide a better salary to its employees and should look at what people in the private sector are improving the salaries of their employees.
    Salaries by Govt is smaller than private companies but I feel there is some degree of improvement and there need more steps to modify the salaries of employees.

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    Govt has to consider the national interests and not the interests of a particular group `or community. Even then sometimes the decisions are not liked by some people and then they become unhappy about it. As Govt has to take so many decisions, it is not possible for it to serve the people in a better way.
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