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    Why people borrow from us and then forget?

    It may be small thing, or the product or even money, people would borrow from us and they do not have the etiquette or the thought to return the same unless and until we remind them. For us it is the ego problems has to why should ask for return of petty things or small amount. But if this bad habit was not corrected or questioned the persons would err ever after and we cannot have control over their overtures. If they cannot give or return back they should not borrow at all. What is your view on this matter. Have your personal experience quoted here.
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    Many times people do this by knowing that they have taken some goods or money from someone and do not think about returning, but some people do it because of forgetting. I have seen many people who do not take any big amount from you, but a small amount often takes it there and then do not return it due to thinking that the amount is not that much to be returned. It depends on the person because some people do not tolerate borrowing even ten rupees taken in emergency and they return it as quickly as possible.
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    The author has raised a genuine question. I know some people who are of this sort, they do not return even small things which they borrow from others forget to return. Some of them do it deliberately but some of them, forget to return and when they are asked by concerned person what thing they borrowed about, then they return.
    In small towns and villages, we still have the etiquette to send cooked-special-food to neighbours and relatives but until someone reminds them pots will not be returned. Sometimes, we also forget about plates in which food was sent to neighbour or relative and thus plates or other pots are misplaced or lost by them.
    I have also done this mistake. Someone gave me a book to read before lockdown. But this book is still with me I have not returned it yet. I have told the concerned person that I have not returned his books yet because I always forget to return the same book whenever I visited him, he also doesn't bother to get his book back. Thanks to the author, today I shall try my best to visit him to return his book.

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    Lending and borrowing is an interesting subject to discuss. In my life, I never borrowed money from my relatives or friends. But I have helped my relatives and friends with money, and had the bitter experience of getting the money back from them. Many borrowers cheated me and I had to cut off the relationship or friendship. Some people forget it, and needs a reminder. Some people give excuses to return the money. Some people really have financial difficulty and not able to pay back . Some people don't return it deliberately. We need to understand the people before lending the money. It is always better to keep a witness while lending or borrowing money.
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    Borrowing is a type of disease which has no cure and if the amount is not to be returned then it becomes a lucrative disease. It is said that we should take food only one time but still in that poverty we should not borrow. It is the worst thing if someone borrows from others. The intention behind borrowing is never good. Its sole purpose is to enjoy on others money. I have seen some people who take loan from friends and forget. I remember one person who came to us once and asked some money on loan. That time we had a credit and thrift society in our area which gave loan on interest to the members and as that person was a member there we suggested him to take loan from there. He told that as interest was high there, he did not like to take loan from there and that is why he came to us. It was enough for us to get angry and we told him that we charge interest 1% more than that. Hearing this he disappeared from the scene. After a few days I saw him trying to get some loan from another person in our area.
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    That is why we should be careful in lending money to others. Otherwise, the chances of losing our money are very high. Many of us give small loans to some known persons when they come for a loan. We feel pity for them and give them. We should give the loan thinking that we will not get it back. That means you should give that much money which you are ready to lose. If you get it back it is a bonus to you. That is how we should think and give loans. If you feel that the other person is really in difficulties, try to help him by paying some money. But don't give him huge money by taking a loan from somebody else.
    Some people are really genuine and they want to pay back the loans. But they will not get a chance to pay back that amount. But some people intentionally avoid returning the loans. We should not spare such people and we should try all ways to get back the money from them.

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    We may not borrow from others but others would trouble us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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