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    Those who have a habit of winning, find it more difficult to accept their defeat.

    Some people have some special quality or perhaps they do every task with so much perfection that they get used to listening to the praise of their work and winning with success in their efforts. Such people become very confident because they believe that winning has become their nature. But time and situation are not always the same and if for some reason such people ever lose, then it becomes very difficult for them to accept this defeat.

    The confidence of such people comes down from the same point of view after a single defeat and they feel that no longer they have the previous quality. But even one defeat or many defeats cannot decide that you do not deserve to win. Therefore, after every defeat, it is sensible to prepare yourself for a new victory.
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    Winning is not anyone's prerogative and if one thinks that he is born to win then he would get this thinking corrected soon. This world is a strange place and here no one knows as who will win and who will lose. There are so many factors for success and if everything is going on smoothly and favourable still some last minute thing would spoil the show and then we can attribute it to the destiny. Some persons are lucky that they win multiple times but they should feel humble about it and thank God and their luck for this and should not be unnecessarily proud of that. They should accept the defeat also with the same gratitude as they feel during winning and then only they will become a good human being devoid of any false pride in their lives. A simple life where one accepts winning and defeat sportingly is the ultimate of human achievements and I feel that we should strive for that.
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    People who work hard and focus on their work will generally be successful. There is no alternative to hard work. Even very intelligent people also should work hard for being successful. Nobody can be successful without proper preparation and execution. If the people are having that habit, generally, they will be successful. If such people are not successful sometimes, definitely they will feel the pain. Even though they work hard why they are not successful? This question will daunt them? They try again by understanding where they are going wrong. They correct themselves and go for another attempt.
    But people who take things casually will never feel the pain of failure. That will be a part and parcel of their journey. It is another failure to them and failures are not new to them. They may even leave the subject there and never try again the same issue.

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    Some people are born to win in every field, and some people learn the art to win whereas some people win by hook or crook. This winning may be related to any particular field also. But as a matter of fact, no win can go for life long. Gama wrestler was invincible. He was born to win. No wrestler in the entire world could defeat him.
    But generally, their success or victory doesn't come easily, such people work hard, but after reaching on top it is extremely difficult to keep winning spree intact till the retirement.

    Success is not easy to come by. Some people are lucky to have a well-established business of their forefathers which they have to look after, they don't face many difficulties to succeed in life but some people who come from poor families, their parents work hard to teach them. I read an inspiring story of an IPS officer of 2020 batch. His mother was a maidservant in different houses. His father was a poor labourer, but this 23 years old young man worked hard, seeing his intelligence a businessman took responsibility for his education. He cracked UPSC successfully, Now he is Deputy Superintendent of Police in Gujarat.

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    Winning and losing are the two faces of the same coin. Sometimes we win while other times we lose. Even if we win a few times continuously, it does not mean that we would win after that also. There are so many factors involved.
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    Since the winners are one step ahead performers they cannot digest nothing less than the superlative win and even if small setback or remark is reported they lose their temper and even shout at others. Winning and losing is the part of the game for life but for some they always win and cannot digest the loss. Even they are not ready to compromise for the second place and they need to be addressed as the winner. And these winner wants to stand aloof and would not mingle with others or same kind of winners.
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