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    Importance of career planning

    Carrer is the base of our life. Everyone wants to make a good career in life. So, career planning is understood as an essential requirement for a safe future. It helps us in not only choosing a career but achieving our educational goal also. It is essential for creating a detailed path of future professional life. When you plan your career, then you would be alert regarding job trend and other uncertainties related to the job. It is essential to go ahead with career planning as it provides required direction and makes it clear about your future position. Moreover, It makes us aware of strength, weakness, skill and knowledge which is required to achieve goals in future. Having a career plan helps us to design our future the way I like it. So, having a good career plan in place is often an essential part of career growth as well as personal growth. It has been an effective way to ensure our determination along the way.

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    True. Career planning is very important for many of us. Our financial status and our life will depend on our career only. If your growth in your career is fast you will be happier in your life. When we finish our education and start looking for a job, we should decide which is the area of our interest and should try to get a job in that area. If we are lucky to get the same we will have more interest in working and we will try to show our efficiency and see that we will grow fast.
    Another way of progressing in a career is to acquire needed skills and show our potential in those areas. These days getting a job itself is very difficult and we may not be able to choose the job we wanted. So we have to get into the job we got. Start developing a liking towards that job, get the required skills and adopt them in the work area. That will ensure positive growth in their career.

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    Career planning is very important for success. To be successful in any field, one must be able to find satisfaction in the work one is engaged in. The first thing to do to succeed is to understand the tastes of each person and choose the appropriate courses while study. The fact is that the parents often do not understand the tastes of the children. The course is chosen according to the interests of the parents. The tastes of the son or daughter should be taken into consideration while planning the study method. Courses should be chosen knowing the tastes of the child.
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    Everybody wants to have a successful career in his life and to have a bright career, one needs to have well thought planning and then execution of this planning is to be to do with best of abilities, skills and knowledge.
    Concerning career-building parents are required to see which career is good for him. Parents should have judge abilities of their son as well his inclination or choice. They should not impose their choice on their son if he is not willing to have a career chosen by them. They are required to facilitate him as per their might and affordability.

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    Career planning is important and not every body would achieve the right planning in their life and there seems to compromise here and there but the ambitions are not met. Why the parents wants to spend huge money on the child career planning because the future should be more secure. But most of the IT companies in which many are employed are now facing unique problem that as soon as their contract work gets over in abroad they are no more required in the company and the lay off is so sudden that some are not even getting alternate jobs that easily and they waste time. In one of the case the candidate studied in Germany and was working with good company. He was drawing hefty salary and the parents eager to perform marriage. But now the boy contract got suspended and he is going to lose job ?
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    Career planning is definitely an important aspect in our lives and we have to plan for it very meticulously. Planing a career is not a simple thing as it requires a lot of thinking process to choose a particular line preferably one where one has interests and inclinations.
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    We all know that when we were young, our aim might have to be different and as we grow, we become more clear about our career. Many of us would have said, I want to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, police officer, etc as we were just knowing about them or had our family members or neighbors working in that field but as we grow, we come across many other streams, fields and work that look good, fascinating and interesting and we think of making it as our career.

    As mentioned by the writer, a planned career not only helps us to be focused and reach the desired career but also helps us to follow or walk in the correct path to fulfill our dream of becoming one that we have planned or desired. The right approach always helps the planner to achieve more than he/she has planed because to reach that height he need to plan to first take the initial step of maybe getting good marks in this boards and college, getting additional skills for the career, etc and thus helps us to have an all-round development and be a better person.

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    Agree with the author. In the life of any human being, the career is the turning point that gives a new direction to his/her life, and hence it should be given a lot of thought in both decision and planning. When we plan our career, we should not think about how successful or unsuccessful others have become in this. Every person has his own abilities and interests, based on that we should plan our career. Planning should not only mean dreaming, but it also has to be implemented according to the plan. When we execute the right plan correctly, then only one should expect success.
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