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    Let us not become slaves to our habits

    In our lives, we will be passing through different phases. A rich man may lose his fortune and may become poor. A poor man may be blessed with a lot of fortune. Once it happens their lifestyles will change. A person who became rich may not find any problem in the way he wanted to live. But the rich who got accustomed to certain habits may find it very difficult to get himself adjusted. They suffer a lot. So one should try and learn to live happily in any circumstances. Otherwise, the person will get defeated. I have seen some people who are not able to give away their habits and adjust to the new environs and committed suicide.
    Irrespective of our position if we start living a simple life, we will not get upset in any condition and we will live a happy life. Hence we should not become slaves to our habits and never say that we can't live without this and that. I hope the members will be in agreement with me.
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    Nice post from the author. Some times we give lots of credence to our die hard habits which may not be possible to persuade in certain conditions and we feel at loss to get adjusted with the given condition. For example those who are habituated to sleep with air condition on, they cannot adjust with fan and if those are habituated to their bed room sleep cannot adjust with other room sleep. There is a mind block in them that they cannot get adjusted in other places and feel like left over. But great are those who can be adjusted any where and for them life is going and it must be dealt with and they are not particular with comforts and luxuries. They would agree with what ever comes to their stride and accept the life comforts to bare minimum so that nothing expected more and nothing expected less of available things.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    When we do a certain activity everybody it becomes our habit to do it, without doing it we feel is missing. The author has evinced about the lifestyle of a rich person who becomes habitual to a particular lifestyle and he finds it difficult to adjust if he becomes poor. I agree with the author but time teaches everything and the unfortunate person willy nilly learns to adjust himself to the new conditions and situation in life. Bitter truth never dies. We can't expect that a rich person will adopt the lifestyle or habits of a poor person. He chooses his habits as per his status in the society and he becomes habitual to all these standard activities which a man belongs to this social status does and there is nothing wrong in doing it.
    Simplicity in lifestyle is great. If a rich person sits with poor people or spends a few moments with them he learns about them a lot. His simplicity restraints him from flying high in the sky of arrogance.

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    Once we are accustomed for a particular life style then it is not possible to change it and even if we want to change it or circumstances force us to do so then we suffer because there is an inherent tendency in the people to resist the change. Once certain habits are formed in our lives then also we have a big problem in changing them. Old habits die hard is the appropriate phrase to define that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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