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    A meticulous plan is the first step for achieving success in a project

    Every project has two broad parts - one is to plan and other is to execute. Both of them have their own importance. A good detailed and meticulous plan will always have a better chance of execution. On the other hand however good a plan be if execution is not proper the project might not get success. So, plan and execution are two faces of a coin and are vital for the successful completion of the project. It is said that a meticulous plan is the backbone of a project and if things are detailed at the planning level itself then very less problems will be encountered during the execution stage.

    Let us consider some of the things that people should foresee and consider at the planning stage itself. There are many important parts of a plan. First thing is the availability and accessibility of a place for executing the plan. This is a crucial element because if we cannot access the physical place or in case of online plans, data to be used in the plan then there is no point in moving ahead as bottlenecks would come in the beginning itself. For example, if there is plan to make a big dam in some area for electricity generation and water supply then some villages would submerge in that big dam and until there is a feasible and mutually acceptable alternative place for the villagers to dwell and start their fields in the new area given to them, the work on the project cannot start. There could be many other situations like that. Next important thing is the size of the plan and financial requirement. The source of finance is the most important point as any disruption in flow of money for payments to labourers and other associated people would stall the work. Another important thing is quality of the material used and the testing reports etc for assuring that the items used in the project are of superior quality to finally create something of high quality. No project is complete without inspection and quality assurance and that is to be done meticulously as per the standard testing guidelines. The last thing is the estimate of work and expected expenditures in the execution of the plan. This is to be carried out on stage basis and there should be check points at which we have to see where we stand with respect to the envisaged plan and if any deviation is there why it is there and how to correct it to bring the expenditure under control and adhere the schedule to the original time estimates. A meticulously made thorough plan is the first right step for the successful achievement of the project.

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    Without proper and concrete planning nothing moves in this world. The management or higher ups would never approve a project unless it is shown as viable in the initial stages of conceiving it. A detailed plan needs to be presented to them.
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    Every project need to be well planned and executed otherwise the desired results may not be forth coming. Some may have good planning with lots of details and when it comes to action and mention they fail why because to much detailing would also leads to falter and therefore those who are experienced in the earlier planning need to be approached and contacted. And those who have the habit of making detail plans often forgets some important matters to be addressed and thus the task would be incomplete.
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    The author has highlighted several aspects of the issue. I agree with the author that planning should be well chalked out as well as it should be followed by execution. Merely planning doesn't give any result. Planning without being executed is a sheer waste of paperwork. Good planning is always comprehensive and lucidly explained which helps to understand all titbits also. It is essential when the project is to be completed by a team, in this way each member of the team may understand how he has to play his role to achieve the target.
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    Planning is the essential component prior to switching to any job. Planning should contain all the essential points to be considered while proceeding any job. That should be the way of fool proof planning. You cannot attain success unles all the relevant points are taken in the account and such a system may be referred to the essential documents. The planners while busy in their projects have to go through this document time to time to ascertain their next course of actions. At some point, they need to have consultations with the job experts to a have some feedback of the previous assignments and some of the earlier steps could be changed as per advice of the experts for better efficiency apart from guidance of the next steps to be taken up so as to make the project successful. A planning taking up all the essential points restores confidence of the planners.

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    Planning is essential for the proper output of what is required. As mentioned by the writer, every project is first brought in the first phase called a detailed plan which gives the exact idea as for which the project is made. The initial plan will have the blueprint as to how the project will look once it is completed. With the advancement in technology, the entire project can be made into 3D and can be easily understood by everyone. The plan will consist of all the things that the project will require i.e. place, financial cost, the period of completion, manpower requirement, material, types of equipment, etc. Once the initial plan is ready, it is sent for approval where every aspect is discussed and reviewed which then calls for tender and then goes for execution.

    Even in the execution stage, proper planning of manpower, material, equipment, tests, etc is required at regular intervals for correct and effective execution of the plan and to get the desired result at the given time frame. When everything is put in correct order and place, the project will be completed without any delay or problem. It's the correct planning at the proper time that helps to get everything falls on the right track/place for the complete and proper result of any project or else, the project will be only on paper but may be kept on hold or delayed due to various other factors.

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    The author is completely right. For success in any task, the importance that we give to the planning of that work is equally important as the execution of the plan. When a person goes on a long journey, he/she plans first but when planning, then first imagines the whole journey so that they understand the planning strategy. That is, whenever you make a plan, make it as if it is getting ready and it is already in the process. The advantage is that your planning will be very realistic. Some people, while making plans, also include those things which they are not going to do themselves. By doing this people waste both their time and valuable energy by thinking about it. When we make a realistic plan that is based on our capability and actual condition, only then its execution will be the same as we have planned.
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    Planning plays a very important role in project execution. Detailed planning with all finer details will make the execution easy. Sometimes while we plan the project we keep some loose ends. There the executor has to use his own judgement and execute the project. But people may not like his choice and there will be a controversy. In some cases the person who is executing the work will not decide and throw the ball again to the planning department may take a lot of time and there may be a long delay in the project execution and there may be an escalation in the cost of the project. So the planning department should see that all finer details are also covered in their planning itself.
    Even when we go for a tour also we have to plan our stay and travel as well as the things to be carried out during the stay also. Then only we will have a fruitful trip. Otherwise, we may miss some important points and we may have to pay for another visit for those works. So detailed planning is a must for safe execution of the plan.

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