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    Have you ever observed this type of wonder?

    I usually watch some YouTube vlogs according to my interest on a daily basis. I have subscribed even to several potential YouTube vlogs. One such traveler vlog created by an individual from my AP state and actually from my district. This vlogger Uma studied just tenth class raised from a poor family and because of his passion he is traveling throughout the world country after country. Telugu people throughout the world wherever he goes are supporting him by hosting him. Through his vlogs, he is showing the wonders, interesting features of those countries. Within few months after starting his vlog, he got lakhs of subscribers and now he is earning one lakh rupees per month on his Uma traveler's vlog. This earning he is using to explore all the countries of the world. Presently, he is exploring African countries. In the Zambia forest range, he has shown humans can walk along with Lions and tigers. They don't attack humans as they are accustomed to live with humans. So even cruel animals if you are friendly with them they don't harm us. I am really amazed at that video.
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    Interesting post shared by the author and it proves that those who have the inclination to explore new people and new place they can do anything and the Vlogger Uma seems to go deep into the forest and share the happenings over there. Since the sharing of his vlogs are from his individual experience, the wild life followers, the other country explorers would be keenly following him for new information and more information. One thing is sure those who meet varied people the interaction, the knowledge base would be immense and those who are reading his vlogs and following his advice or foot steps would also be the winner in long run. The world is not small place and we have not even visited our city fully and here is Uma who chosen traveling as hobby and conquering the world through his varied stinct.
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    A week back, I watched the video of wild animals behaving like human beings with the visitors. I was also thrilled to see the video and wondered how it could be possible. I have heard about freshwater streams inside the salty oceans. Similarly, there are pious wild animals in the jungles. We should visit such places and enjoy ourselves with such lovely wonderful animals.
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    This is a very inspiring and remarkable story about a blogger who is travelling across the globe and showing his travel videos to others in his YouTube channel and making a living while on the go. Amazing story.
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    Not only Uma traveling throughout the world, a 19-year Indian girl Garima Bakshi from Haryana traveling throughout the world solely, and she also maintaining YouTube vlog. I am following these two interesting vlogs regularly. Just by typing Uma Telugu traveler's vlog, you can have glimpses of his interesting videos.

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    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing this information. Videos of this vlogger is especially for Telugu speaking people. There are many vloggers on YouTube who are interested to explore unseen places. Sometimes, I watch such videos but not as regularly as the author does.

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    Many people make these types of videos that inspire us to understand the feelings of both humans and animals. If you think well and positively towards animals then they will not harm you. But this does not happen in a normal form of the front because the human is frightened by seeing dangerous animals and in this situation, the animal is too scared and in this state of confusion animals often attack the human being. There are many youtube bloggers who visit many dangerous places and share their experiences with us.

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    We have watched some movies where some human beings staying with dangerous animals. We have seen some people killing these wild animals also in movies. I think it all depends on how you are brought up. I read somewhere where a person is sleeping with snakes around.
    It is good that Uma is catching up with different people around the world and showing his experiences on YouTube vlogs. It is good that he is able to show different places and different situations in a very nice way to the people. Because of the interesting content only he is getting a good number of clicks

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