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    Why people vie to use our vehicle for their personal requirements?

    Whether it is two wheeler or car, those employees who are commuting on their own vehicle are facing unique problem that invariably other employees would ask our vehicle for their personal use during the lunch time or even during the office timings. What is more annoying that they would not refill the petrol for the distance they used and thus while returning home we may face the problem of no petrol and sometimes no money. We can neither deny the vehicle nor face their brunt after math. What is your personal experience on this matter.
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    These days people generally, come on their own to the offices. They will have their own transportation arrangement. In some offices, they will be sharing their vehicles so that cost of transportation will come down. But some people try to use the vehicles of others and never bother about filling the fuel also. If somebody is doing it regularly we can say not to him. Once in a while or in case of any emergency, somebody asks for help we can consider. But as a routine somebody uses other's vehicle for their personal use, we need not consider their request and we can tell them that we are not ready to lend our vehicle for them.
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