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    Do you have dreams or ambitions ?

    Everyone is not equally capable in this world to progress ahead and get phenomenal success in ones life. But everyone has to try for that and in that pursuit we often dream about our success in our endeavours. There is no harm in dreaming but realising those dreams in real life situations is the thing that is needed for development of any kind. Some people are ambitious and have some associated desires in their lives and they also try to get those ambitions fulfilled. The difference between dreams and ambitions is a subtle one as it is said that ambitions are much more realistic than dreams. What is your experience in this regard? Do you dream or have ambitions in your life and if yes then how you are going ahead to fulfil them? Please share your views on this aspect in our lives.
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    Dreams and ambitions are the part of our living process and what we dream and what we achieve is the matter to be discussed here. I can dream to be the scientist at NASA and that would be a fantastic experience too to have such an assignment, but what is the use of such big dream which has no support nor any spade work initiated. Some people dream to be doctor when they are younger and what they have initiated from their side or their parents. So it is increasingly becoming clear that when we are in the path of achieving a path target and dreaming big on the same subject has the meaning and that have the sense too. Many a time we feel like in the fantasy world of big dreams and when we wake, the same old bed, the same old bed sheet surrounded by the same old people. Thus he dream becomes a thud.
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    Everyone has some dreams and everyone has some ambitions. Dreams are paper work or theory and ambitions are reality or practical. No dream can come true until actions are taken which help dreams to come true.
    We may dream but our dreams should be viable and accessible, dreaming impossible things is sheer stupidity until the dreamer elevates himself to the required level and works accordingly. But a man should never be an ultra-ambitious because such a person can do anything and everything without considering that something is good or bad, legal or iilegal.

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    As I have dreams and I want to complete them. Right now i am a student and perusing MBA from Vedica Scholars. Vedica helps me alot in completing my dream. I want become a Manager in a reputed company. Vedica Scholars having experienced faculty who make every scholars professional.

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    Dreams and ambitions are an integral part of life and are present in an individual right from birth to ones last years. Whether it is studies or making a career in a work place, aspirations are required.
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    I also believe that both dreams and ambitions go hand in hand. As long as we keep thinking only about the subject, then one day we decide that we have to get it and start taking the right steps in that direction, then it becomes our ambition. As the person grows towards his purpose, ambition also increases, just dreaming is not just a means to achieve your goal.

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    I have ambitions and I dream about my ambitions. As a matter of fact, when we have some ambitions in our lives, we will be thinking about those ambitions and even before sleeping also we will be thinking about the same. Even while sleeping also our subconscious mind may be thinking about our desires. Hence there are chances for getting dreams which are related to our ambitions.
    When I joined a new company my boss called me and gave me a problem. He asked me to think about that so that we can discuss about the solution to that problem. I have gone through some books and discussed with my colleagues. But still, I am not convinced and I am not able to get the desired answer. I went back to my home and just started thinking about that problem and I went to deep sleep and in that sleep, a solution to the problem came to my mind and I woke up and see how it works and it perfectly worked. Next during the course of discussion, I proposed the solution which I get and my boss appreciated me for that.

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