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    Communicate precisely to get better understanding

    Some people have the very bad habit of talking lengthy and conveying their views to arrive at the conclusion as to what they want and what they inquire. Communication is the best way to make people better understand and not get confused. Precise communication is what every one needed and we do not have time to listen to story or issues. If the matter is not understood then detailing is necessary and that would lead to conclusion. So do not waste time of others with your incapable way of communication and then pondering over not getting the response.
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    Some issues need detail explanation but some issues can be expounded concisely. The author tells about some people who are nut about speaking any topic in detail, although the same topic can be understood if spoken about in short, yet they lengthen their discussion unnecessarily. You can't stop them, then, what you can do, either you avoid them or tolerate them.
    Such people are boring. I don't like to spend my time with them. These people can't stop themselves without speaking before people. If they are in a gathering, most probably, they can not resist from starting a lengthy discussion and then other people similar to them start debating.
    But only they should not be blamed for their lengthy discussion, on TV debates you can see it in a normal way. All panellists speak too much and mostly, they beat about the bush. They don't answer the question, they speak on something else. instead. I dislike such debates. But some people who are fond of these debate shows don't miss to watch it. They support their favourite party leader who takes part in this debate without considering if he speaks absolutely rubbish.

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    If the other person does not understand what we say then that is waste.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. When we talk to somebody, he should be able to understand what I am speaking. Once I had been to some interior place of Tamilnadu. There people talk only Tamil. I don't know Tamil. I started talking in English. The other person understands English and he can speak in English. But he started talking to me In Tamil. I conveyed him that don't know Tamil/ But he continued talking Tamil only. Like this, if you talk in a language which the other person won't understand what is the use of talking in that language. The very purpose of communicating is to make the other person understand what we are talking about.
    always confident

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