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    Learning can even be from children

    Nowadays children are very shrewd and elders can learn from them.
    *One day I took my brother's daughter out. She asked tender coconut. I took her to a roadside vendor and told to cut two numbers. There a college girl was drinking tender coconut and threw that into the cart without asking for the coconut. My brother's daughter without thinking told me,'why periappa, this Akka wasting the coconut as it cannot be eaten by the Cartman or anybody. Is it not just waste?'. By hearing her word the girl got ashamed and ask the vendor to get the coconut cut. She openly asked sorry to her. The vendor also appreciated the child.
    Similar to this many of us wasting the nature's gift.
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    A good lesson from a small child. Wasting anything is a bad thing. The author himself did not stop the young girl for his own reasons but a small child does, as he/she does not think about the reaction of people. They speak candidly what is right and what is wrong.
    Elders teach children good manners and they themselves forget the same good manners to follow but children apply these good manners in practical. Their small brain does not grasp why adults violate their own teachings or rules which they teach to children. It wonders the little brains.

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    That is correct. It is not correct to think that we don't have anything to learn from children. We can learn many things from them. These days children operate and use a smartphone very efficiently than elders. They know many aspects and functions of a phone which we don't know. We can see them when they are operating and learn from them. They know how best they can use their phone.
    Some children learn from observing other people and if they feel that is good for them. they will try and learn that. My son told my granddaughter that we should not throw waste on the roads. Oneday I was walking with my granddaughter. She saw some person throwing waste on the road. She immediately asked me why he is throwing waste on the road. I told her it is not correct to throw on the road. She wanted me to remove that waste from the road and till I do that she has not moved from the place. Finally, I picked up that waste and thrown in the waste bin. Kids learn from us and we can also learn from them,

    always confident

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    The kids are the observers of all the happenings but there is a difference in their ways of their approach. Anything taught to them becomes bible to them. They would like to see that the same thing should be implemented in toto in the practical dimension. Any development contrary to that would be noticed immediately by them and they would not hesitate in expressing their views in case of any deviation. Hence in the next time, if you want to preach your infant child, you should ensure that you are not deviating from the same. Keep this thing in your mind that a tutor is behind you to mend your ways if not followed by you in the healthy spirit.

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    One proverb is very famous" child is the father of man". It has proved in practical life. Many times elder people indeed have to learn from children. Nowadays, children using a smartphone in a better way compared to an elder person. In my family, children are smarter in case of operating a computer than the older member. We have to take help from them at several points. One main thing about children is, not only they observe their elders but try to follow at each point. But, in the case of the grown-up person what happens, we forget many things but children always remind us what we have done in past.

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    Children are the treasure of new information and they keep on asking questions and that they want to learn more and know more . There is nothing wrong for the elders to learn from the children as the knowledge is the hunt and it can be obtained from anyone. We should be appreciative enough to every child when new things are revealed which was known to us. Especially the short cut words used in the social media are very well known to the child and the grand parents are learning from them. This way the elders are being educated with new knowledge and know how of the products and services too.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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