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    Our contribution is necessary for the proper implementation of government schemes.

    From time to time, the government brings various schemes for different sections of the public keeping in mind their interests, and by implementing them properly, those sections can benefit. But it has been seen many times that even a common person can become an obstacle in the interest of others.

    I have seen one example these days. Some time ago, the Government was brought a new policy that in the government level exams, the general class candidates whose family financial condition is not good will be given 10 percent reservation in the examination. Many wealthy families are also being taken advantage of this rule, people are trying to get a reservation by showing fake lower family income by making fake certificates.

    This is completely wrong, a normal person is taking away the right of a person who weaker than himself. After all, how appropriate it is to blame only the government or the system. We should understand that for whom a policy or plan is to be made, it should be their benefit. Today if you take away the rights of a weak person, then in the future your rights will also be taken away. Live as honest as you can, only then you will become an example of humanity.
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    Surely what the author says is right. Our contribution is absolutely necessary for proper implementation of the schemes. If someone does not pay the tax and yet demand the govt scheme is stupidity. Even those who does not vote and seek govt interventions for their basic is not good practice. Government survives our taxes and payments and that should reach in time and not delayed. Even income tax assessment is done lately and thus the department is denied of the right funds at right time. So every citizen need to cooperate.
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    Yes, completely agreed with the view of the Author, most of us are always keep ready to take the undue advantages from any such scheme. Then the main purpose for which the scheme defeated. we always blame the Govt. but we are the main culprits. During Corona pandemic period many such scheme introduced for the poorer in the fields of Food grain distribution but all are taking its advantage. In the rationing sectors there are various scheme implemented by the Central as well as the State Govt. through various category of Ration cards but there is a competition among the people how they grab the whole benefits. Hence how the scheme will be sustained under such act of the general public. Reservation system is also in question now , the OBC and General Category are trying to get the benefits through false income certificate is some cases. The plantation program me are organized in every year but not succeeded due to non maintenance. Now the govt suppose can not engaged watchmen for every Plant, it is our duty to support this by look after the same. So until the Citizen of the country not taking their own responsibility none of the scheme will be successful.
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    While our contribution is required to implement certain schemes, proper mechanism from the government must be in place to stop corruption. It is true that a lot of people are somehow managing false income certificates and enjoying benefits which are actually not for them, the authorities must also punish the culprits who are distributing those false income certificates. In many cases, it may be found that block-level people's representatives are somehow involved in the corrupt practises of handing out false income certificates and they also make huge money by doing such illegal activities. Quite often it is reported that foodgrains for distribution to PDS schemes are sold in the open market where ration dealers and a few other local politicians are involved. We all need to raise our voices to stop such corruption. There is a problem also. You will find in certain departments a majority of people from top to the lower-most level are corrupt and you do not have the option to complain to anyone because the complaint will never be addressed. As long as we the people are not raising our voices against such corrupt practises, things will remain unchanged.

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