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    Have you seen the new two rupees coin?

    Yesterday, for the first time, I have seen the new two rupees coin. It is similar to the new one rupee coin. As it is we were finding it difficult to recognize the one and two rupee big coins. Now, again it is a problem to identify the one and two rupee coins easily.

    Now, all three (5, 2 & 1)coins are similar in their diameter and circumference. The one-rupee coin is plain and thin, the two rupee coin is with cuts and thin, the five rupee coin is thick.
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    I humbly request the concerned editors to delete this thread as my efforts to upload the images of coins failed and a wrong image has been uploaded when I attempted to upload using my smart phone.
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    I have not come across the new two rupee coin having introduced. It seems the author has problems with uploading the attachments and editor need to help.
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    Hope I could see this coin, I did not get this coin till now but hopefully will find it soon. I am very excited to hold it in my pocket.

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    You have uploaded a photo for the photo-caption contest on Colour Pairs. So there is no reason why the feature should fail here. You mentioned that you tried to upload it through your phone. Did you try it through a desktop or laptop? Perhaps it does not work through the phone, in the same manner that a few features like the edit button are not functional through a phone.

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    I have not seen this new two rupees coin. But recently a new Rs.20/- coin is released and my brother who is a chief Manager in SBI shown me that coin. It is a big coin like Rs.10/- coin. I don't know about this new coin of Rs.2/-. Now I will ask my brother whether he can show me one such coin.
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    The new series one rupee and two rupees coin will weigh 3.09 gm and 4.07 gm, while the diameter would be 20 mm and 23 mm respectively.

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    I had struggled to find out the defect in my system, and I was successful. The bug is rectified. I am now uploading the images of the new coin.

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    Delete Attachment

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    This is not a new coin. I have been using this two-rupee coin for many months now.
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    As per the picture of the coin it looks just like the earlier one except a tinge of yellow colour. As Thomas William has already mentioned the weights and diameters which are very near to each other and we would not be able to distinguish between the two. In earlier times coins were made in different geometrical shapes so that one can search them in the pocket itself without taking them out. What was the exact reason for making them of different shape was for demarkation only and it was a good trick which nowadays no one is following. If I recollect correctly, in the old Indian currency, around the years 1950-1960, we had a 'paisa' in medium round shape, an 'ikannee' (one sixteenth of a Rupee) in flower shape and a 'duwannee' (one eighth of a Rupee) in rectangular shape, a 'chawannee' (quarter of a Rupee) in small round shape, and an 'athannee' (half Rupee) in medium and thick round shape and even a blind person was able to differentiate them. But now they are very near to each other in size and weight and we have to look at them to differentiate between them.
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    For easy recognition of coins, the government mint to produce low denomination coins like 1,2 5 and 10 in different shapes. In fact, making coins in circular shape, the wastage would be much. If the shape is in square or rectangular, it would be easy for identification and there won't be any wastage while making the coins.

    The concerned authorities should give a second thought to this and make coins in different shapes (Round, Square, Triangle) In the olden days, the coins were easily recognizable with its varying sizes.

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    There is no much difference between the one rupee and new two rupee coins.

    I have seen this new coin now only. Probably, Mumbai being the place where you reside and coins are minted, you could get it earlier than us.

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    Sun, even I, residing down South, had been seeing the coin you are highlighting for quite some time now.

    Just to seek clarification and with no intention to question your integrity, I would like to know why you could not upload this photo earlier. What was the bug like?

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    No I have not seen the new coins. May be I don't do cash transactions much so don't have seen these new coins of 2 and 5 Rs although I have seen this 1 Rs coin.

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    Generally, I take a photo by my Mobile phone using camera, and send the image through gmail to my to e-mail ID. I open my mail , copy the image and paste it on my desktop. While copying I made a mistake I think. I did not check the image opening on my laptop. I tried to upload and failed, and complained. Later I clicked on the image and found saying,"This is not stored in this file". Then I deleted it, and went back to the mail, downloaded the image and pasted again. It worked. The bug is out.

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    Mr. K Mohan, Dr SrinivasaRao and Sanjeev Gupta also have not seen this new coin. I think many ISCian might not have seen the new two rupee coin which is similar to small size one rupee coin. When you have more coins in hand, we need to look at each coin and find the denomination on it. Also when you get it from someone, we need to look at it properly to ensure that we are given the right amount. I think, the minter is becoming a miser by reducing the sizes of the coins.

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